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Benefits of Using Faux Stone for House Skirting
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Top 5 Questions and Qualities
Why are faux stone veneer panels the right choice for your project? Discover the top 5 qualities and answers to the top 5 stone veneer questions here.
Which Stone Veneer is the Highest Quality
Life Tested Labs presents the first 3 of a series of durability tests where cultured stone and GenStone attempt to survive a sledgehammer, gravity and a Jeep Rubicon.
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Manufactured vs Natural Stone
Compare the advantages and disadvantages of both natural stone and manufactured stone veneer to see what the best choice is for your project.
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Cultured Stone vs Faux Stone Install
Don't start a cultured stone installation without exploring this infographic first! Learn why more and more consumers are turning to DIY faux stone.
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Choosing the Right Faux Stone Color
Choosing the right stone siding comes down to color scheme and style. Explore monochromatic, complementary and analogous siding options.
Trends and Ideas for Faux Stone
Adding faux stone to the interior or exterior your home or business is one of the hottest design trends. It's green, easy to install and affordable.
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10 DIY Projects to Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency
Did you know the typical American family spends almost $2,000 a year on home energy bills? Here's some DIY projects that will help you reduce this expense.
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9 Cheap Ways to Improve Curb Appeal
Whether you're planning on moving or staying put, you may be wondering how to improve curb appeal - here's 9 ideas you can do today!
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6 Ways Faux Stone Can Upgrade Your Home’s Exterior
Do you need to improve your home's curb appeal? Discover six faux stone DIY exterior home renovations you can accomplish over the weekend.
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Infographic: Home Projects to Increase Energy Efficiency
Improving your home’s energy efficiency doesn’t need to be a daunting endeavor. Try these 5 simple and cost-effective home projects for a greener home.
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Eco Friendly Siding
Stone products are natural but are they eco friendly? Discover why faux stone is a greener siding option for your home than traditional stone work.
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