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Ellie Peretz

Project Coordinator
Ellie Peretz, a Project Coordinator at GenStone, embodies a blend of enthusiasm and meticulousness in every endeavor. Originating from Stevens Point, WI, Ellie's diverse interests range from horseback riding to indulging in brunch and diving into the realms of reality TV and literature. Her favorite GenStone color, Iron Ore, reflects her eye for sophistication and timeless elegance. Specializing in Wainscot projects, Ellie is known for her bubbly demeanor and a subtle yet undeniable wit that brightens the office atmosphere. Renowned for her generous spirit, she effortlessly uplifts those around her, embodying joy and camaraderie in her professional interactions.
Ellie was very helpful with getting my sample out quickly and was sure to follow up with me with a phone call to answer any questions I might have with their product. With some pictures and a few measurements they were able to get me just what I needed to complete my project. Thank you for your great customer service!

Ellie Peretz's

Desert Sunrise Faux Stone Barndominium Fireplace
Tony’s Faux Stone Barndominium Fireplace
Thinking about transforming your fireplace? Take a look at the before and after photos of this faux stone fireplace in a barndominium!
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James’ Laundry Room Backsplash
GenStone is great for subtle additions like this customer's laundry room backsplash. A simple DIY project added depth to the room.
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Marisa’s TV and Fireplace Design
Looking to redesign your fireplace wall? Check out this beautiful project that uses faux stone to create a TV and fireplace wall design.
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Asmar’s Stone Veneer Front Door Siding
Stone veneer is the perfect solution to the siding of your front door and home. Check out this beautiful DIY front door transformation!
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Angie’s Corner Fireplace Design With Stacked Stone
If you're looking for the best corner fireplace design, try designing it with Stacked Stone! It's an easy project to do in a weekend!
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Richard’s DIY Stone Veneer Front Door & Porch Pillars
Our stone veneer is perfect for a DIY transformation of your front door and porch pillars. Take a look at Richard's project!
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Leslie’s DIY Faux Stone Mailbox
The mailbox is often ignored, but a simple DIY upgrade with faux stone can up curb appeal. Take a look at the before and after photos!
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Jeff’s Faux Stone Breakfast Bar
The kitchen breakfast bar is a perfect place to install our faux stone. It brightens up the kitchen and brings a unique medium to the space.
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Jimmy’s Faux Stone Porch Skirting
Looking for DIY projects to wrap around your back porch? This faux stone porch skirting project was quick and easy. Learn more!
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Joshua Burck
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Rhett Male
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Rhett Male, originally from Valencia, CA, brings a blend of professionalism and amiable charm to every endeavor. Beyond his dedication to delivering exceptional results, Rhett finds joy in his roles as a Girl Dad and indulges in passions such as snowboarding and golf during his leisure moments.