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GenStone Home Improvement Ideas

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Todd’s Stone Veneer Exterior Chimney
Adding natural stone to your home exterior chimney can be expensive, which is why using stone veneer for your chimney is the perfect choice.
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Adrianne’s Fireplace Surround Design Ideas
DIY fireplace surround design replaces an old stone chimney and surround updating it and creating an impactful centerpiece in the room.
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Dennis’ Faux Stone Chimney
When you need to upgrade your building's chimney, faux stone is a great choice! The project upped the curb appeal of this apartment building!
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Rick’s DIY Brick Chimney
The authentic look of this DIY brick chimney provides a classic chimney covering that looks like real brick but less cost & done in a weekend.
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Richard’s Faux Stone Exterior Chimney
This customer used our faux stone to complete a DIY chimney remodeling project that adds a tasteful contrast to the exterior of his home.
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Terry’s Exterior Chimney Remodel
Does your exterior chimney need a remodel? Check out the before and after photos of this DIY faux stone chimney remodeling project!
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Faux Stone Exterior Chimney Refacing Project Idea
Desert Sunrise Stacked Stone panels were used on this home's exterior chimney to reface it, creating a beautiful, elegant look.
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The Goodridge’s DIY Stone Veneer Front Door Siding and Chimney
Stone veneer is perfect for a home DIY project for your front door siding as well as for your chimney - check out this faux stone project!
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Rick’s Brick Veneer Chimney
Looking to remodel your brick chimney? Our Brick Veneer looks like real brick, so it is perfect for your chimney remodeling project!
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Ashley’s Chimney and Fireplace Design
The fireplace and chimney design is one of our customer's most popular projects. Take a look at this Kenai chimney and fireplace!
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Joe’s Faux Stone Chimney Cover
If you have a section of your interior chimney that needs a new cover, our Kenai faux stone is the perfect choice. Check out this project!
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Chimney Wall Cover
Stunning Stone Accents DIY project using GenStone Stratford Faux Stone Panels and Pillars Siding to Update Your Homes Curb Appeal with Accent Wall and Chimney Cover.
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