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GenStone Home Improvement Ideas

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House Foundation Covering with Faux Stone
Looking for a house foundation covering? This simple wainscoting design with faux stone covered this unsightly foundation beautifully.
Faux Stone Porch Walls Design
This project upgraded and transformed these porch walls and porch wall siding with faux stone, making the entryway stand out!
Thomas’ Front Door with Faux Stone
GenStone is great for siding transformations like this DIY front door wall with faux stone. Our Stacked Stone brought this entrance to life!
Lupita’s Stacked Stone Electric Fireplace
The electric fireplace accent wall is a popular use of our Stacked Stone panels since it allows you to create a fireplace for your home.
Susan’s DIY Brick Veneer Minibar
This DIY minibar with our Chicago Brick Veneer brought the area to life. Take a look at the before and after photos!
Jerre’s Faux Fireplace Surround
Take a look at the before and after photos of this faux stone fireplace surround project! It upgraded this living room in just a few hours!
Lisa & Barry’s Maintenance Free Deck Skirting
This ambitious stone deck skirting and post wraps project gave these customers maintenance-free siding for their gorgeous backyard.
Rick’s DIY Sunroom Skirting
This DIY sunroom skirting project upgrades and perfectly complements the rest of the room, and looks professionally polished. The wainscoting also enhances the view of the landscape.
Stone Veneer Deck Columns
This stone veneer under the deck with columns project shows how even a little project can make a big impact on a home! Take a look!
Ryan’s DIY Porch Siding Replacement
This DIY porch siding replacement brought this porch to life and added depth the old vinyl siding did not offer. Take a look!
Tim’s Fireplace Hearth Design
Tim was looking for a way to upgrade his fireplace hearth design, and he selected our Desert Sunrise Stacked Stone panels for the project.
Basement Accent Wall DIY Idea
Our Coffee Stacked Stone panels to add some dramatic flair to this customer's basement, who put up two accent walls to draw the eye.
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