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GenStone Home Improvement Ideas

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Phil’s Wainscoting and Front Door Facelift
Our faux stone is the DIY solution to remodel your front door. Check out the before and after on this wainscoting and front door facelift!
Robert’s DIY Faux Stone Entry
Looking to change the appearance of your front door? Take a look at this DIY entry project using GenStone's Kenai faux stone!
Thad’s DIY Home Exterior Chimney
Faux stone makes remodeling your home exterior chimney an easy DIY project. In a single weekend, you can transform your home. Take a look!
Asmar’s Stone Veneer Front Door Siding
Stone veneer is the perfect solution to the siding of your front door and home. Check out this beautiful DIY front door transformation!
Darcy’s Fireplace Design with the TV Above It
Looking to add a new feature to your living room? Check out this fireplace design with the TV above it! It even has an alcove for TV cords!
Halley’s Faux Stone Wood Stove
Looking for inspiration to make your wood stove stand out? Our faux stone draws the eye straight to this wood stove. Check it out!
TV Above the Fireplace Design Ideas
If you're looking for design ideas for your TV above the fireplace, check out this project. It shows how a simple project makes an impact!
Denise’s Faux Stone DIY Fireplace Remodel
Faux stone is the perfect material for a DIY remodel of your home's fireplace, like this customer's project. Check out the before and after!
Greg’s Living Room Fireplace Wall
Looking for inspiration for your living room fireplace wall? This project used faux stone to cover the fireplace & TV wall.
Mike’s Stone Veneer DIY Accent Wall
If you need to give a section of wall in your home some depth and texture, use our stone veneer for a DIY accent that'll spruce up any wall!
Adam’s Faux Stone Living Room Accent Wall
Our faux stone has become popular for interior applications, like this customer's living room accent wall. Check out this project!
April’s Stone Veneer DIY Foundation Cover
If you have unsightly foundation you want to cover up with a DIY project, GenStone's stone veneer is the perfect product for the job. Check out April's project!
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