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GenStone Sample Sizes

Which Sample Size Should You Buy

12” x 12” Stacked Stone Samples

At $20 each, these samples are shipped free of charge and are credited back to you after buying the GenStone you need for your project.

We recommend buying this size sample if you want to get a feel for:

  • The texture and depth of the stones
  • The durability of GenStone
  • The lightweight nature of the product
  • How easy it is to cut a panel to size
  • What it’s like to fasten a panel to a wall
GenStone Stacked Stone Samples

Cost Effective But Not Suggested

When a 12" x 12" Sample Is Not the Best Choice

We do not recommend a 12” x 12” sample if you want to experience the full color palette of one of our stacked stone colors. For that purpose and other more meticulous evaluations, we suggest buying one full panel of the colors you would like to see.

Stacked Stone Panel Sample

On each stacked stone color page you will see a “Buy Sample” button. Contained in this dropdown is both the 12” x 12” sample and the option to purchase one full panel. We recommend going this route if you are looking to:

  • Experience the full spectrum of colors and highlights throughout the panel
  • Are going to present GenStone to a customer, HOA or architectural review board
  • You are trying to find a perfect complement for an existing paint or design scheme
GenStone Panel Samples

Brick Veneer Samples

With the exception of our Multi Color brick veneer, our 12” x 12” brick samples will effectively show you the hues that make up each brick color. The samples will also demonstrate the authentic shapes and textures found only with GenStone brick.

Brick Half Panels

On each brick product page you will see a dropdown labeled “Buy Sample” where you will find the option to purchase a 12” x 12” sample or a half panel. Similar to the stacked stone panel outlined above, the brick half panel provides a complete experience of the product. We advocate buying a half panel because it requires less investment than a full brick panel without losing any of the key decision making criteria.

GenStone Brick Samples