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GenStone Home Improvement Ideas

Shop by Improvement Project and Find the Perfect Panel Style

Faux Stone Assisted Living Facility
No project is too big! Take a look at this faux stone assisted living facility transformation using stacked stone panels, columns & skirting.
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Henry’s Screened-in Porch Skirting
A DIY screened-in porch renovation skirting project using Northern Slate Stacked Stone gives this home a professional finish.
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Lisa’s Stone Veneer Skirting Under Windows
Stone veneer is a perfect addition to a home remodeling project like this one, which is skirting under windows. See the before & after!
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James’ Stone Veneer DIY Deck Skirting
If you are looking for a DIY idea for your deck skirting, installing our stone veneer panels is a great way to modernize your deck.
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Joseph’s DIY Home Skirting
In this DIY home skirting project, Joseph Santoli used our eco-friendly panels to complement his home. Our faux stone is so easy to install that most projects can be installed in a single weekend.
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Derek’s Exterior Home Siding
Looking to transform your home's exterior? Derek's home exterior siding, skirting, and front porch pillar wraps project has great DIY ideas!
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Patrick’s Stone Veneer DIY Home Skirting
GenStone's stone veneer is the best way to DIY upgrade your home skirting. Take a look at this customer's project for inspiration!
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DIY Stacked Stone Skirting Project
Stacked Stone is perfect for DIY skirting projects, also known as a foundation cover up, like this customer's project.
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Gordon’s DIY Home Skirting
This DIY home skirting project upgrades this home's curb appeal. GenStone's faux stone is perfect for a wainscoting project!
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Richard’s Faux Stone Skirting Idea
Skirting is a popular faux stone project idea because it can easily boost a home's curb appeal. Check this project out for inspiration!
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Jeff and Jeanette’s Stone Veneer Home Skirting Project
If you want to upgrade your home skirting, stone veneer can make it a fun and simple DIY project. Take a look at this beautiful project!
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Faux Stone Front Deck Skirting
Want to upgrade your porch? You can use faux stone to add depth and character to your front deck with a skirting project.
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