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GenStone Home Improvement Ideas

Shop by Improvement Project and Find the Perfect Panel Style

DIY Deck Wainscoting Ideas
GenStone offers elegant solutions for covering exterior concrete foundations or other DIY deck wainscoting ideas for more inspiration!
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DIY Stacked Stone Skirting Project
Stacked Stone is perfect for DIY skirting projects, also known as a foundation cover up, like this customer's project.
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Nina’s Stacked Stone Foundation Cover Up
A wainscoting project, or foundation cover-up, is one of the most popular projects we see our Stacked Stone used for. Check out Nina's project!
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Ike’s Faux Stone Foundation Transformation
Home foundation designs are often outdated and in need of a transformation, which is easily done with faux stone. Check out this project!
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George’s Stone Foundation Wall Wainscot
For unique home wainscoting ideas, check out George's faux stone foundation walls by GenStone. Browse various styles of wainscot paneling today!
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Riley’s DIY Stone Veneer Foundation Cover Up
Looking to cover up your old foundation? Our stone veneer is the perfect DIY solution for a foundation cover-up project.
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Tracey’s Easy Foundation Cover Up
GenStone is perfect for an easy project to cover up your home's outdated foundation. Take a look at this project for inspiration!
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John’s Faux Stone Foundation Cover Up Idea
Need inspiration for your home foundation? Take a look at this beautiful foundation cover up idea using faux stone!
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Dave’s Easy DIY Foundation Cover
If you want to cover up the unsightly foundation of your home, GenStone offers an easy DIY solution, like this customer's project.
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Karen’s DIY Stone Veneer Wainscoting Idea
If you need an idea for how to cover your home foundation, our stone veneer is the perfect DIY wainscoting. Take a look at this project!
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John’s Foundation Cover Up Idea
If you need to cover up your home foundation, a DIY idea for it is to install our faux stone. It can improve your curb appeal with ease.
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Ronald’s Faux Stone DIY Foundation Cover Up
If you want to cover up your home foundation, you can make it a DIY project using our faux stone. Check this project out for inspiration!
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