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Front Door

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Stephanie’s Stacked Stone Front Entry
Beautiful entryway that frames the doors and gives a stark contrast to the paint and wood of the rest of the exterior.
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John’s Faux Stone Garage Siding and Front Door
GenStone's faux stone offers a full siding solution, so you can enhance your garage and front door in a simple DIY project.
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Anthony’s Stacked Stone DIY Front Door
Looking for inspiration to remodel your front door? Stacked Stone is the perfect choice for a DIY project on your front door!
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Richard’s DIY Stone Veneer Front Door & Porch Pillars
Our stone veneer is perfect for a DIY transformation of your front door and porch pillars. Take a look at Richard's project!
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Faux Stone Porch Walls Design
This project upgraded and transformed these porch walls and porch wall siding with faux stone, making the entryway stand out!
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Phil’s Wainscoting and Front Door Facelift
Our faux stone is the DIY solution to remodel your front door. Check out the before and after on this wainscoting and front door facelift!
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Mike’s DIY Front Door and Garage Wainscoting
Stone veneer is perfect for a home DIY project around your front door and as garage wainscoting. Take a look at this project!
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DIY Siding Remodel Project Before and After
Stratford Stacked Stone transformed this home exterior siding in a DIY remodel project. Check out the before and after photos!
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Home Siding Makeover
This home and garage siding makeover project transformed the front of this customer's home with the aesthetic of natural stone.
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Luke’s Faux Stone Front Door Siding
Our faux stone is great for homes and businesses, like this front door siding project. Take a look at Luke's new front door siding!
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Robert’s DIY Faux Stone Entry
Looking to change the appearance of your front door? Take a look at this DIY entry project using GenStone's Kenai faux stone!
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Harry’s Stone Veneer DIY Exterior Wainscoting
Stone veneer is the perfect DIY home exterior solution for a wainscoting or front door project like this one. Check it out!
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Leif’s Rock Siding Design
For unique exterior home design ideas & garage siding options, see how GenStone's faux stone panels improved the look of Leif's garage & entry rock siding!
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Cole’s Front Door Transformation
Are you wanting to upgrade your front door? Look no further than Cole's front door transformation for inspiration!
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Sharon’s Faux Stone Home Remodel
Sharon completed a home exterior remodel using our faux stone. Take a look at the wainscoting and front door siding she added!
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