How to Install GenStone

Step by step videos and guides

  • Planning Your Project
    Laying your materials out on the ground before attaching any GenStone to the wall is the easiest way to plan your project.
    How to Install GenStone
  • Snapping a Chalk Line
    Snapping a chalk line before installing your first GenStone panel will help ensure a level install.
    How to Install GenStone
  • Measuring a Panel for Cut
    From inception through the completion of your install, accurate measurements are the first step in a successful GenStone project.
    How to Install GenStone
  • Attaching a Corner
    Start your GenStone install by working left to right. In this case we will start with a corner piece. Our corner piece creates a simple transition around a 90º corner. It is designed to fit seamlessly with a full or half panel.
    How to Install GenStone
  • Cutting a Panel
    After drawing a cut line, you can cut your GenStone panel with either a circular saw or hand saw. In this case, we will demonstrate how easily a circular saw can cut a panel to size.
    How to Install GenStone
  • Hand Saw Cutting a Panel
    You don't need to own or know how to use a circular saw to cut your panels to size. Watch how easily a hand saw cuts through a GenStone panel.
    How to Install GenStone
  • 90º Corner and Next Panel
    Learn how to transition from a 90º corner panel to a full GenStone panel during your installation.
    How to Install GenStone
  • Applying Adhesive
    We recommend using construction adhesive in addition to screwing your GenStone panels to the wall.
    How to Install GenStone
  • Face Screwing a Panel
    After attaching your GenStone panel to the wall we recommend inserting a few face screws 2 inches from the bottom and top.
    How to Install GenStone
  • Attaching Panels to the Wall
    After making sure your panel is level, attach your GenStone by placing screws in the positive shiplap edge.
    How to Install GenStone
  • Caulking Ship Lap
    Caulking the ship lap after your panel is attached to the wall is easy and will provide a professional finish.
    How to Install GenStone
  • Attaching an Inside Corner
    Installing an inside corner is the easiest way to transition between to inside facing walls.
    How to Install GenStone
  • Applying a Ledger
    Installing a GenStone ledger is easy and it provides not only a professional looking finish but also moisture shedding properties.
    How to Install GenStone
  • Stone Veneer Installation
    The installation of stone veneer siding is as simple as measure, cut & attach. Here's 22 tips to finish your faux stone project like a pro!
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  • Materials List for Installing GenStone
    What materials exactly do you need to complete most GenStone installations? Get a pricing and materials list here!
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  • Obstacles like hose bibs, light fixtures and speakers may be intimidating at first, but you can overcome this hurdles with the right strategy & accessories.
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  • Installing Stone Veneer
    Installing faux stone is a much simpler process than working with natural stone. Find out why anyone with basic carpentry skills can install faux stone.
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  • Interior Specs
    United States & Canada System
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  • USA Brick Specs
    United States System
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  • USA Exterior Install Guide
    United States Installation
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  • Pillar Install Guide
    United States & Canada Installation
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  • Canadian Proline & Pro-D Installation
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  • Interior Install Guide
    USA and Canadian Installation
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