Just How Easy is Installing GenStone Stone Veneer?

It’s as simple as: measure, cut and attach. 

Planning Your Project

layout the panels and pieces 

We recommend laying out all of the panels you plan on using for a section of your project before starting to measure and attach your panels.

Snapping a Chalk Line

keeping everything level

Always snap a quick chalk line to follow and keep your GenStone level.

Measuring a Panel for Cut

draw yourself a line

Don’t freehand your cuts, make sure they are straight and level.

Cutting a Panel

with a handsaw

Our panels are durable yet designed to cut with as little as a hand saw.

Cutting a Panel

with a circular saw

For larger projects, we recommend using a circular saw to move things along more quickly.

Applying Adhesive

construction grade

For larger projects, we recommend using a circular saw to move things along more quickly.

Attaching a Corner Piece

working left to right

If you plan to wrap your GenStone around a corner, start with a corner piece and work left to right.

Attaching a Corner and the Next Panel

continue working left to right

Our Z shaped panels are designed to fit seamlessly with a corner piece and cover a large amount of square footage quickly.

Attaching Panels to the Wall

8″ apart on the positive shiplap

After applying adhesive and placing the panel on the wall, the first of two attachment steps is to place screws 8″ apart in the positive shiplap edge.

Face Screwing a Panel

2″ above and below

After you finish with the shiplap edge, place a generous number of screws in the face of the panel at least 2″ above the bottom and 2″ below the top of the panel. Finish these holes with color match caulking and paint.

Caulking the Shiplap

attaching the next panel

Before securing the next panel, be sure to caulk the positive shiplap edge to ensure a tight connection.

Attaching a Ledger

must do for a wainscot

If you don’t plan on terminating your GenStone wall into another solid surface, finish off your install with a ledger to give it a professional touch.

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