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How to Install GenStone

Step by Step Videos, Guides and Checklists

Brick Install
Our brick installation system makes adding the look of masonry brick quick and efficient, without the mortar and mess. In this video, Zach and Amanda will walk you through how to attach the panels to your wall as well as how to make a beginner and advanced cut.
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Exterior Stone Install
Installing GenStone on the exterior of your property is as easy as measure, cut with any saw and attach. In this video, Zach and Amanda will walk you through and exterior install from unboxing through the finishing touches.
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Interior Stone Install
From unboxing your order to installing panels, corners, ledgers, trim and finished edges, Zach and Amanda take you on a step by step journey through an interior GenStone installation.
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Brick System
Our panelized brick installation system slides together quickly and easily creating the look of a masonry wall without the mortar and without the mess.
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Stacked Stone System
See how the GenStone stacked stone system of panels, corners and ledgers make creating a 4' wainscot as simple as measure, cut and attach.
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Pillar Panel System
Our pillar panel system is designed for an 8 inch or less square post. The panels can be cut down for smaller posts or stacked vertically for taller posts.
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Column System
Our 90ยบ outside corner panels assemble together around a 17" post to create a dramatic stacked stone column, perfect for a mailbox, patios and driveway entries.
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GenStone for Steel Buildings
Discover how GenStone stacked stone and brick panels can be applied to any steel building creating a modern look and adding an insulation value of 3.41 per inch.
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How Do I Start My GenStone Project?
Sweet, you ready to start your GenStone project? Woah, woah, you're not if you haven't watched this video yet! There's a boat-load of good tips and tricks to help get you started on your faux stone project here. I know this will save you a lot of time, you can thank me later.
How To FAQs
What Do I Do Before Installation?
So you've got your GenStone, but hold on there before you get working away! There are a few things that you will definitely want to know before you get started. Without some of these tips, you may end up giving yourself more work than you need to on your new faux stone project. Check it out!
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What Types of Screws Should I Use?
Alright, you've got your GenStone. Now you're probably wondering how to actually hang up your new faux stone. Screws are definitely the choice to use, but there are so many different types of screws. This is our recommended choice!
How To FAQs
How Many Screws Do I Use?
Okay, so you've got your GenStone. Now you might be wondering how many screws you will need for your project. Obviously the total amount will vary on how big your faux stone project is. Here is a breakdown of screws-to-panel ratio to give you a good idea.
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