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Adhesive Caulking and Paint Overview

How Much and Where Each is Used

Proper and Professional Installation

GenStone caulking and paint are not only essential to a professionally finished project, both are also important to maintaining your GenStone and ensuring you follow the standards outlined in our 25 year warranty. Below we will outline how much caulking and paint is recommended for your project as well as where you will use each of these products.

Big Stretch Caulking

Why Choose Our Caulking

GenStone Big Stretch caulking is used to create a weathertight connection between panels as well as trim and ledger connections. While you can use any caulking product, we recommend our Big Stretch caulking because it is elastic. The elasticity of our caulking is advantageous because it is designed to flex with any movements of the structure. More specifically, our caulking will not crack, ensuring a reliable weathertight bond between pieces.

Where It's Used

One Every 400 SQFT
  • Brick: Big Stretch is applied where the bricks from one panel slide into the next.
  • Stacked Stone: Caulk along the shiplap edge, where each panel connects to the next.
  • Ledgers: Apply caulking where the ledger connects to the panels as well as between the ledger and the substrate. Caulking should also be applied in the connections between one ledger and another or other GenStone accessory such as trim.
  • Trim: Caulking is used where the trim contacts a panel, window, door or other protrusion. Caulking should also be applied between the trim piece and the substrate.

Paint Kits

Touchup and Tinting

Each paint kit contains the 3 primary colors that create each GenStone panel. Paint is used to touchup and raw material that has been exposed by a cut and to tint our Exact Color caulking as outlined below.

  • Touchup: One paint kit for every 400 SQFT of GenStone installed
  • Tinting: One paint kit for every tube of Exact Color caulking
GenStone Stacked Stone Paint Kit

Exact Color Caulking

Concealing Fastener Holes

Our color match caulking is used to conceal fastener holes in the ledgers, trim and any place face screw has been used to secure a panel. Exact Color caulking can also be used to paint raw material exposed from cutting the panels, ledgers and trim down to size.

GenStone Exact Color caulking can be tinted to match the base color of the panel, ledger and trim. We recommend buying one paint kit for every Exact Color caulking kit in order to tint the caulking. Both GenStone Big Stretch and Exact Color caulking is water based and paintable, which makes eliminating fastener holes easy throughout any installation.

How Much Exact Color?

One Tube + One Paint Kit Every 400 Square Feet

One tube of Exact Color caulking is necessary for each small project or for large projects, one tube is needed for every 400 square feet of GenStone installed. We suggest purchasing one paint kit for every tube of Exact Color caulking needed. Paint kits and Exact Color match caulking are sold separately because some smaller projects can use a portion of the paint kit to tint the caulking and the rest of the paint kit for raw material touchups. For larger projects, we recommend purchasing one paint kit dedicated to raw material touchup plus one paint kit committed to tinting each tube of Exact Color caulking.

Loctite® PL®300 Foamboard

Recommended Adhesive

Construction adhesive is required for all exterior installations and suggested for all interior installations except for when GenStone will be installed over drywall. Adhesive is applied in an “S” pattern on the back of all panels, ledgers and trim.

If the substrate is existing brick, concrete, stucco or other material that may be shown again in the future, Tyvek® HomeWrap® can be used to protect the existing substrate material from the adhesive should the panels be removed.

Loctite® PL®300 Foamboard can be purchased through any home improvement store.

Loctite PL 300 Adhesive for GenStone