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Why Faux Stone is Great for Trade Show Displays

Say ‘Bye' to Boring Displays

If you’ve spent any amount of time at a recent trade show, you’ve probably seen a lot of the same few booth setups. Even though there are dozens of trade show display manufacturers out there, they all seem to provide the same, cookie-cutter display arrangement: a backlit vinyl marketing backdrop with maybe a small, center island for displaying brochures and product information. That’s it.

Trade show displays don’t have to be this boring!

Here’s why adding GenStone faux stone material to your trade show display can set you apart from the rest of the trade show booths:

  • The look of real stone signifies strength and permanence.GenStone faux stone is made from molds of real stone, and every panel is hand-painted to look like genuine stacked stone. This gives the panels a strong, rugged appearance that inspires confidence.
  • GenStone faux stone panels are incredibly lightweight and durable.If you were to use real stone to accentuate your trade show display, you’d wind up with a final product that would weigh potentially hundreds of pounds. Alternatively, GenStone faux stone composed of ultra-lightweight polyurethane foam, a substance that is as tough as it is light.Because GenStone panels are so light, the costs you incur from shipping your trade show display won’t be affected much, if at all.
  • Faux stone gives display viewers a feeling of being in a safe, solid structure.We hear this a lot from our customers: GenStone faux stone makes them feel secure! This can have a positive effect at trade shows, where it’s important to put booth visitors at ease so business conversations can flow naturally.
Stacked Stone Backsplash Lowes

Keystone Stacked Stone in a business setting

New! Faux Stone to Match Your Brand

If you have a unique color palette that is part of your marketing materials or trade show display theme, you’ll be thrilled to hear about GenStone’s new custom coloring option!

Now, you can get custom-colored faux stone panels, corner pieces, trim, and ledgers manufactured using colors that match your brand. This is a fantastic way to truly make your GenStone faux stone trade show display an integrated part of your overall brand message.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Send us a picture of the coloring you’d like for your customized faux stone. You can use any image search engine to find the best examples.
  2. Our design team will create a virtual sample for a small fee (which can be applied to your faux stone order).
  3. Upon your approval of the virtual sample, we’ll take your order and get to work producing your custom-colored faux stone, which will be shipped within 2-4 weeks.

At GenStone, we’re passionate about bringing the look of real stone to customers all over the country, but without the real stone price!

When it comes to customizing a trade show display that is as unique as it is on-brand, a faux stone treatment from GenStone can’t be beat.

And don’t forget: after you’ve completed your faux stone trade show display project, be sure to snap a photo and send it to us. We love showcasing customer installations on our ‘Projects’ page. 

Good luck from your friends at GenStone!