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Faux Stone Siding for Metal Buildings

With GenStone, Your Steel Building Doesn't Have to Look Like a Steel Building

Many businesses, and even residential homes, are taking advantage of the efficiency of steel construction. Metal buildings offer several advantages over traditional wood structures, including strength, durability, and faster construction timelines. But despite these functional advantages, metal buildings are often an awkward fit aesthetically due to the surrounding landscape or municipal code requirements.

Over Existing Metal Siding

No Need to Remove

One of the best ways to enhance the look of a steel building is by upgrading its metal siding. GenStone panels, ledgers and trim are the perfect custom siding solution that gives business owners and homeowners the opportunity to improve the aesthetic impact of their building without sacrificing the functional superiority of steel construction.

GenStone installs over any flat surface including existing metal siding. Each GenStone panel has a positive shiplap edge which allows the installer to align the fasteners and adhesive with the building’s high ribs. Furring strips can be installed between the ribs to strengthen the connection between GenStone and the substrate.

Versatile Applications

GenStone metal building siding projects include wainscoting projects as well as more large-scale projects including accent walls. Each siding project has the ability to transform a standard steel building into an impressive home for you or your business. Take a look at the many metal building siding projects that our customers have already completed.

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Ease of Installation

Looking at our gallery of finished projects can be intimidating, but GenStone products are designed for the inspired DIY-er. If you have basic carpentry skills, you have the skills to complete a GenStone metal building siding project. The lightweight, easy-to-install panels allow you to complete a metal building siding project without professional help, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have a professionally finished project. Our faux stone and brick panels are of professional quality without the professional price tag. As one customer put it:

“If you can cut, screw, and glue, you can do this too.”

Composition and Quality

All GenStone products are cast from real stone and tumbled brick before being finished by hand, with 12 coats of premium exterior paint in a factory-controlled setting. Our proprietary foam formula contains enhancers that deliver unmatched durability, UV resistance, and a lightweight material that’s easy to install on your own.