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Faux Stone Fireplaces

Design and Install Your Own Hearth

A couple of the most popular applications of GenStone are fireplace surrounds and fireplace walls. These weekend projects are not only easy to complete, they can transform your entire living space. Create a high-impact fireplace design with high-quality stone veneer.

Many homeowners are looking for the perfect project to update their home. But too often, those projects fall by the wayside or never even get started. Whether it’s a lack of time, experience, or resources, it can be difficult for inspiration to turn to action. GenStone’s easy-to-install faux panels give you the ability to complete the perfect fireplace project in a single weekend without professional help.

Remodeling vs. Renovating a Fireplace

Evaluate Cost vs Value

Creating a new fireplace surround or wall are great ideas for a home improvement project. But to the average homeowner, it’s a project that comes with significant obstacles. First, a fireplace remodel requires the professional skills of a mason. Replacing or installing natural brick or stone is a time-intensive process that requires specific tools and supplies.

Second, a fireplace remodel is expensive. Natural stone or brick are heavy and costly to transport and install. While the materials themselves are more expensive than GenStone, the cost of labor must also be considered. Depending on your location, you’re likely to save 50% on stone veneer when compared to masonry and its associated costs.

Kenai Stacked Faux Stone Fireplace

The faux stone fireplace above was created with GenStone Kenai stacked stone panels and 90ยบ corner pieces. The detailed cuts around the mantel were made with a drywall knife and GenStone color match caulking was applied to perfectly blend the transition between stone panels and the wood mantel.

DIY Faux Stone Fireplace Projects

Most Projects Take a Few Hours

GenStone can be attached to your existing fireplace with screws and construction adhesive. Tapcon screws are recommended for brick coverups whereas drywall screws can be used for most other indoor substrates.

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Virtually No Added Weight

One important factor to consider when remodeling your fireplace is whether or not the wall can support the material you will be attaching. At an average of one pound per square foot, GenStone can be attached to any wall without worry. Compare that to cast stone (concrete) or natural stone alternatives weighing in at an average of 17 pounds per square foot and you can easily see why anything but GenStone will put a tremendous amount of stress on the wall. Even if your wall could support the additional load, the weight of these alternatives makes the project almost impossible to do alone.

The Practical Fireplace Solution

Electric Fireplace + Faux Stone

GenStone is designed specifically for the inspired DIY-er. Our lightweight faux stone panels are ready to be installed out of the box, allowing you to complete a fireplace renovation in a single day. And you won’t be sacrificing product quality for ease of installation. GenStone faux stone panels are made from 99.9% waterproof, high-density polyurethane. This durable material provides insulation and prevents moisture penetration without adding the stress of a heavy natural stone.

GenStone faux stone panels are authentic in texture and color while being finished by hand in a factory-controlled setting. GenStone gives you the power to transform your fireplace and living space in a single weekend. Find out how to get started, or take a look at the many fireplace projects that our customers have already completed.

Judy's Faux Stone Fireplace

As a general rule, if the surface you plan to install GenStone on is too hot to touch while the fireplace unit is running, we do not recommend installing GenStone in the area. However, if the surface is not too hot to touch, GenStone would be a great choice for your project.