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How to Make a Hidden Door Using Faux Stone

Where Can I Build a Faux Stone Hidden Door?

You might be thinking that hidden doors are only found in the realms of fiction, in detective movies or the mansions of the super-rich, but with faux stone panels, hidden doors can be seamlessly incorporated into your home design.

In fact, faux stone panels are the perfect building material to make this sort of secretive project a reality in your home, allowing you to seamlessly blend the outline of a door with the stone patterning that are part of the panels.

Hidden doors are popular for two main reasons: their aesthetics and their secrecy. Hidden doors can be used to hide a secret room in your house, or to keep valuables hidden away out of plain sight. Commonly, hidden doors are also used to simply look good or to create a unique talking point.

Chicago Brick Sample

Chicago Faux Brick Panels are the perfect style for a rustic hidden door.

The first thing to consider when you’re designing a hidden door using faux stone, is where you’re going to have the door hidden. You could have the door connecting two bedrooms upstairs, or hiding a hobby room leading from the living room.

Installing Your Faux Stone Hidden Door

For most DIY hidden door projects, an existing door will be used as the basis for the new design, although it’s also possible to construct an entirely new door frame where there wasn’t one before. This takes more experience, however, as you need to consider the structure of your home before you start simply knocking holes in the wall!

Faux stone panels are designed to be easily installed, and they are incredibly light and malleable. They can be fixed onto a variety of surfaces, using screws and bolts or the industrial-grade adhesive of your choice.

Installing Stone Veneer Tip 11

You can cut the faux stone panels with a saw, trimming them down to perfectly fit your wall space. The trick though is creating a seamless look when you cover the door.

How Do I Hide My Hidden Door in Plain Sight?

You don’t want your hidden door standing out from the rest of the paneling on the wall, so it’s important to create some overlap. This can be achieved by cutting the panels for the door area longer than the door itself, with irregular intervals between each of the ‘stones’.

The faux stone panels then overlap seamlessly with the faux stones on the wall panels adjacent to the door frame, creating a seamless interchange.

This is harder to achieve on the hinged side of the doorframe, as you don’t want a straight line of bricks giving away the position of the door itself. Here, you need to work the cuts of the stone around their texture and shape and get a bit creative to give the illusion that there’s no door right in front of you.

Why Choose GenStone?

GenStone’s Faux Stone Panels make an excellent addition to any interior or exterior design project. Our panels are easy to install and are cast from natural stone, giving them a truly authentic appeal.

Our unique system is designed to be easy to fit seamlessly around your existing housing structure, while our products are DIY friendly, long-lasting, and robust, making them a fantastic choice for your next redesign.

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