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Here's How Retail Stores Are Using Faux Stone

Livening Up Retail Space to Bring in the Customers!

Retailers looking to add a breath of fresh air to their store are taking to the concept of faux stone panels. One reason why they are proving so popular is simply because they are a great way to liven up a retail space and bring in more customers.

If a store’s interior or exterior design has been unchanged in a few years, then it might be well overdue for a makeover. Installing faux stone panels requires little DIY experience, but it adds a uniquely authentic look to a store that could hardly even be improved with the use of real stone (and you don’t need a mason to get the job done).

You can liven up your retail space in an afternoon, create new, more attractive displays inside the shop or give your exterior a new and vibrant look. There’s a great range of faux stone panels to choose from, and there’s going to be something suitable for almost any style and brand out there.

Creating a Vintage Appeal

Vintage is always in, particularly if your brand likes to look to the past for inspiration. You can use faux stone or faux brick veneers to recreate a vintage appeal inside your store.

Chicago Brick panels can add a dark, almost mysterious look to your retail store, while a stacked stone exterior could take your retail look back even further!

It’s easy to create a vintage appeal with faux stone; one that can really compliment a retro brand or retro product line.

Classic Red Brick

It’s that classic red brick look that has become one of the most sought-after styles of faux stone when it comes to retail stores.

It’s dependable, yet as we already discussed, it’s colorful, vibrant and in many situations, it’s an easy way to create a very dramatic looking wall without having to put in too much effort.

A faux red brick wall can be both modern and vintage, and it can be a great look inside the store or outside the store. You can welcome customers with appealing red brick columns covering the entrance, or you can greet them with an eye-catching display of red brick at the back of the store that immediately draws the attention.

You could even single out support columns, corners, or the facade of a check-out area, to create unique, standalone points that are faced with faux red brick.

Why Choose GenStone?

Are you looking to sharpen up your retail store with a few sleek faux stone designs? Then look no further than GenStone! Our fantastic range of faux stone designs can be an excellent addition to your interior or exterior design project, and they are guaranteed to bring in the customers.

Our unique faux stone paneling systems are easy to install, cast from natural stones, and last for decades. Our highly professional faux stone experts are ready to help you today. Contact our friendly staff to find out more!