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Josh Warren

Joshua Warren, a seasoned Sales Manager at GenStone originating from Roseville, Minnesota, brings a blend of diligence and adventure to the role. His thorough approach and active demeanor ensure every project is handled with precision. With a fondness for exploring new horizons, he infuses creativity into every sales strategy. Joshua's favorite GenStone color, Iron Ore, reflects his preference for bold and enduring solutions. Foundation Cover projects are his forte, where he showcases his expertise in transforming spaces. Colleagues admire his calm and approachable nature, describing him as articulate, witty, and a great mentor. Joshua Warren: a trusted leader, shaping success one stone at a time.
Josh was fantastic in helping me with the delivery process and any questions we had. The panels really look like natural stone and it was worth the investment.

Josh Warren's

Kenai Faux Stone Wine Grotto
Jeff’s Faux Stone Wine Grotto
Faux stone is great for any unique home project, like this DIY wine grotto accent wall. Take a look at the video for inspiration!
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Stuart’s Faux Stone Sign Columns
If you need new columns to hold a sign, our faux stone pillar panels provide the look of natural stone without the cost and construction.
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Donald’s Faux Stone Commercial Sign
Our faux stone Pillar panels were used to redesign this commercial sign. Check out the before and after photos for this new sign project!
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Marvin’s Faux Stone Fireplace Accent Wall
Looking to upgrade your fireplace wall? Take a look at this Keystone faux stone fireplace accent wall that brings this living room to life!
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Robert’s Faux Stone Bar Idea
Kenai faux stone panels are perfect for a DIY home bar idea. This customer built a home bar; check out the before and after photos!
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Rick’s Convenience Store Wainscoting
GenStone is perfect for commercial applications, like this convenience store wainscoting project. Check out Rick's commercial storefront!
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Greg’s DIY Home Accent Wall
Our Stacked Stone is perfect for any home DIY project, like this customer's accent wall, bookshelf pillars, and kitchen bar! Check it out!
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Bernie’s Faux Stone Exterior Accent Wall
This home exterior accent wall was made with GenStone's faux stone. It's a unique use of our product that takes a weekend to install.
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Jellie-Ross National Park’s Stacked Stone Entrance
GenStone's Stacked Stone Pillars are now featured at the entrance to the Jellie-Ross National Park in Big Bear, California!
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Wainscoting Inside Corner DIY Project
One of the primary benefits of choosing our faux stone panels is the ease of installation. Many projects can be completed in a single weekend.
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Keystone Garden Wainscoting Idea
One of the most significant advantages to using faux stone panels and ledgers for a garden wainscoting project is the ease of installation.
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Patio Pillars
See how a simple patio pillar project in this customer's backyard adding a subtle but beautiful touch to an already stunning view.
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Meet Other Project Coordinators

Project Coordinator Joshua Burck
Joshua Burck
Project Coordinator
Joshua Burck, proudly representing Arvada, Colorado, brings a distinct blend of professionalism and warmth to his role as Project Coordinator at GenStone. With a passion for fishing, sports, concerts, and swing dancing, he infuses his work with an easy-going demeanor and a commitment to excellence.
Project Coordinator Joseph Hajek
Joseph Hajek
Project Coordinator
Joseph Hajek, a Project Coordinator at GenStone, calls Denver, CO his hometown, blending his love for the outdoors with a commitment to excellence. With off-roading, camping, and globetrotting as his passions, Joseph infuses his projects with creativity and adaptability, much like his culinary flair.
Project Coordinator Jack Bluni
Jack Bluni
Project Coordinator
Jack Bluni, originating from Miami, FL, serves as a dynamic Project Coordinator at GenStone. With a passion for snowboarding, hitting the gym, indulging in video games, and cheering on the Florida Panthers, Jack brings energy and dedication to every endeavor.
Project Coordinator Cole Edwards
Cole Edwards
Project Coordinator
Cole Edwards, a dynamic Project Coordinator at GenStone hailing from Denver, CO, brings forth a blend of professionalism and camaraderie to every endeavor. With a passion for golf and sports, he infuses energy into team interactions and fosters a vibrant work environment.
Project Coordinator Kayla Anderson
Kayla Anderson
Project Coordinator
Kayla Anderson, a native of McHenry, IL, is a dynamic Project Coordinator at GenStone, renowned for her personable demeanor and unwavering passion for her craft. With an adventurous spirit, Kayla thrives in diverse environments, seamlessly coordinating projects with finesse.
Project Coordinator Michaela Bridgeman
Michaela Bridgeman
Project Coordinator
Michaela Bridgeman is a driven Project Coordinator at GenStone, hailing from Denver, CO. With a passion for hiking, traveling, and outdoor pursuits, she finds solace in nature. Alongside her beloved bulldogs, she cherishes moments with loved ones.