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Building the Perfect She Shed Using Faux Stone

Idea #1: Exterior and/or Interior Wainscotting

Performing a faux stone wainscotting treatment on a She Shed is an affordable, easy, and fun way to add a touch of charm. And, because sheds are generally small with right-angled corners, the installation job takes mere hours, not days.

Wainscotting involves modifying the interior or exterior walls between 2′ to 5′ off the ground and lower. The idea is to create the look of a natural stone base for the building without having to deal with the hassle, cost, and mess of using real stone and mortar.

Here’s how to perform a faux stone wainscoting treatment on your She Shed:

  1. Measure the area of the walls you want to wainscot. To keep things simple, round your height measurement to the nearest foot (this will make it easier to install the 12”-tall panels). For more information on project planning, check out our Pre-Install video here.
  2. Buy the GenStone faux stone panels, ledger pieces, and trim you need by visiting your participating hardware store or by ordering online.
  3. Prepare the walls for installation by cleaning them thoroughly.
  4. Lay the GenStone faux stone panels out on the ground in front of the walls to be treated. This will give you a good idea for what panels need to go where.
  5. For exterior shed walls, use non-corrosive deck screws with industrial adhesive to secure the panels in place. For interior walls, it’s acceptable to use standard wood screws.
  6. Finish the job by installing the coordinating ledger and trim pieces along the top of the wainscot.
Deep Red Brick on Shed

Deep Red Faux Brick Wainscoting on Shed Exterior

Idea #2: Interior Accent Wall

One of the great things about GenStone faux stone panels is that they can be used to cover a wall section (like the wainscoting example above), an entire room, or just a single wall.

Adding an accent wall using faux stone is easy. The only step you’ll need to take in addition to those listed above is cutting and sizing your faux stone panels to accommodate the dimensions of your accent wall.

The hardest decision you’ll make is which wall to treat! Keep in mind that walls without windows or doors are going to be naturally easier to treat with faux stone panels. There’ll be less cutting involved, and the project will go faster.

A faux stone accent wall is a great way to bring natural contrast to a She Shed. Here are a few other ideas to incorporate:

  • Add a hanging garden. Position crawling succulents, vines, or ivy along the accent wall and trellis them to encourage growth onto the wall. Over time, the faux stone panels can become a foundation for a beautiful, attractive-looking hanging garden.
  • Add a water feature. She Sheds are meant to be peaceful, restorative areas where it’s easy to relax and enjoy the surroundings. To this end, consider adding a water fountain in front of your accent wall. For a more advanced project, integrate the water fountain into the accent wall, letting the water run over the faux stone panels. This is perfectly safe to do, as GenStone faux stone panels are composed of high-density polyurethane foam that is waterproof when installed correctly.
  • Opt for faux brick, instead. We also offer faux brick panels that can be the perfect design addition to a She Shed. Check out the color options by visiting our Brick Veneer product page.
A dining room interior accent wall project completed with Kenai Stacked Stone panels.

Kenai Stacked Stone Interior Accent Wall

Contact Us for a Design Mock-up

If you’re wondering what your She Shed might look like with faux stone, snap a picture of your shed and send it to us along with your choice of GenStone faux stone panels.

Our team will do a custom graphical overlay that will give you a good idea of what the final outcome will look like.

Here’s to your success with your She Shed faux stone design project!