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Foundation Cover Up

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Mark’s DIY Garage Siding and Wainscoting
Looking for an easy wainscoting idea for your home? Mark's DIY garage siding and wainscoting project with our faux stone transformed his home.
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DIY Wainscoting Design
Desert Sunrise Stacked Stone panels easy DIY wainscoting project finished with additional panels on the columns on the entry stairs.
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Rachel’s Faux Stone Patio Posts
This patio was transformed with our faux stone post pillar wraps and wainscoting that fits into the inside corners. Check it out!
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Deborah’s Enclosed Porch Wainscoting
Looking to remodel your enclosed porch? Check out the before and after on this faux stone enclosed porch wainscoting project!
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James’ Stone Veneer DIY Deck Skirting
If you are looking for a DIY idea for your deck skirting, installing our stone veneer panels is a great way to modernize your deck.
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Joseph’s DIY Home Skirting
In this DIY home skirting project, Joseph Santoli used our eco-friendly panels to complement his home. Our faux stone is so easy to install that most projects can be installed in a single weekend.
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David’s Front Door, Before and After
If you want to transform your front door, faux stone is the perfect choice. Check out the before and after photos of this front door!
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Thao’s Stone Veneer DIY Wainscoting
This customer used our stone veneer for a DIY wainscoting project on their home exterior. Check out the before and after photos!
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Ryan’s Patio Wainscoting Project
Looking to update your backyard patio? This DIY wainscoting project added depth to this customer's patio in a single weekend!
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Keystone Garden Wainscoting Idea
One of the most significant advantages to using faux stone panels and ledgers for a garden wainscoting project is the ease of installation.
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Nina’s Stacked Stone Foundation Cover Up
A wainscoting project, or foundation cover-up, is one of the most popular projects we see our Stacked Stone used for. Check out Nina's project!
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Patrick’s Stone Veneer DIY Home Skirting
GenStone's stone veneer is the best way to DIY upgrade your home skirting. Take a look at this customer's project for inspiration!
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DIY Front Porch Remodel
Small projects can make a big impact, and this customer certainly proved that with their DIY front porch project using Desert Sunrise.
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Gordon’s DIY Home Skirting
This DIY home skirting project upgrades this home's curb appeal. GenStone's faux stone is perfect for a wainscoting project!
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Harry’s Stone Veneer DIY Exterior Wainscoting
Stone veneer is the perfect DIY home exterior solution for a wainscoting or front door project like this one. Check it out!
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