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Travis Choate

Project Coordinator
Travis Choate, a native of California, brings his down-to-earth demeanor and friendly nature to his role as Project Coordinator at GenStone. With a passion for concerts, hanging out with friends, and unwinding, Travis infuses his relaxed vibe into his projects. His favorite GenStone color, Iron Ore, reflects his appreciation for timeless elegance. Travis finds inspiration in transformative projects like front door entries, where he excels in coordinating seamless transitions. Known among coworkers as approachable and reliable, Travis embodies professionalism with a dash of charisma. As the #1 Dodger fan and a Tommy Bahama enthusiast, he effortlessly combines passion with productivity.
The panels were easy to work with and install. The finished product turned out great and received great reviews from family and friends. I'm very happy with the product and the customer service!

Travis Choate's

Paul’s DIY Linear Fireplace & TV Wall
Looking for inspiration for your TV wall? Check out this DIY linear fireplace and TV wall project that uses our faux stone!
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Desert Sunrise Faux Stone Garden Retaining Wall
David’s Faux Stone Garden Retaining Wall
Want to upgrade a retaining wall on your patio? You can use our faux stone to transform your garden retaining wall in a few hours!
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Armondo’s DIY Stone Veneer Home Siding
If you're looking for a DIY project, our stone veneer is perfect. Check out this unique stone veneer DIY home siding & flat fireplace!
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James’ Stone Veneer Breakfast Bar & Fireplace Remodel
Our stone veneer is perfect for a DIY breakfast bar or fireplace remodel. Check out this customer's before and after photos!
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The Goodridge’s DIY Stone Veneer Front Door Siding and Chimney
Stone veneer is perfect for a home DIY project for your front door siding as well as for your chimney - check out this faux stone project!
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Ray’s Home Office Accent Wall
Looking for inspiration on the wall in your home office? This project used Vanilla Bean Stacked Stone to upgrade a home office accent wall.
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Jon’s Faux Stone Kitchen Island
Looking for inspiration to update your kitchen island? GenStone's faux stone is a great DIY way to add some flair to your kitchen island!
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David’s Front Door, Before and After
If you want to transform your front door, faux stone is the perfect choice. Check out the before and after photos of this front door!
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Project Coordinator Joshua Burck
Joshua Burck
Project Coordinator
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Project Coordinator Joseph Hajek
Joseph Hajek
Project Coordinator
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Cole Edwards
Project Coordinator
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Kayla Anderson
Project Coordinator
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Nate Brantley
Project Coordinator
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Project Coordinator Rhett Male
Rhett Male
Project Coordinator
Rhett Male, originally from Valencia, CA, brings a blend of professionalism and amiable charm to every endeavor. Beyond his dedication to delivering exceptional results, Rhett finds joy in his roles as a Girl Dad and indulges in passions such as snowboarding and golf during his leisure moments.