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Using Faux Stone on Angled or Irregular Walls

Can I Use Faux Stone on Angled and Irregular Walls?

If you’re reading our latest article, then you’re likely wondering: is it even possible to use faux stone on angled and irregular walls? The simple answer is yes!

Angled or irregular walls can prove to be a common problem for DIY enthusiasts looking to modify their interior (or exterior) home design. Angled and irregular walls are surprisingly common, too.

Many properties have angled ceilings and walls in rooms on upper floors, the most obvious examples being found in attic conversions. You might also have arched doorways or irregular wall designs that incorporate curves or angles to give them a unique, artistic look.

Faux stone can be cut to measure, ensuring that panels don’t just need to be fixed on vertical, or even flat wall surfaces.

Installing Stone Veneer Tip 17

Faux Stone Design Ideas for Your Irregular Walls

Faux stone panels require just a little experience and only a few tools to properly install, yet one of the best things about them is the dramatic effect they can produce in your home.

Our experts here at GenStone have plenty of design ideas when it comes to using faux stone. For starters, you can complement a fantastic range of existing interior designs using the natural stone patterns we have in our repertoire.

Or you can shake things up by installing a style of faux stone that’s in sharp contrast to the rest of the room.

You can create a talking point by using faux stone on your angled ceiling, or you can make a unique focal point in the kitchen by creating a breakfast bar set against a masterfully designed, curved wall.

Iron Ore Stacked Stone Kitchen Island

Iron Ore Stacked Stone Kitchen Island

Some of our most popular faux stone styles to use in your designs include the classic Keystone Stacked Stone look if you desire an unobtrusive look, or the Iron Ore Stacked Stone if you prefer a sharp, dark, and contrasting color scheme.

Why Choose GenStone?

GenStone offers a fantastic range of faux stone designs that make for an unbeatable addition to your next interior or exterior design projects. Our unique faux stone paneling systems are not only easy to install, but they are all cast from natural stone, for an authentic appeal you just can’t find elsewhere.

Our highly professional team of faux stone experts are ready to help you today. Contact our friendly staff to find out how we can help you!