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Ideas on How to Refresh Your Home Office with Stone Veneer

Idea #1: Build Out a Home Office Accent Wall

Accent walls do a terrific job of breaking up the monotony of a home office. Regardless what your interior design style is, there’s a GenStone faux stone veneer solution that will go great with your existing decor, color scheme, and home office layout.

Here’s how to get started with your stone veneer accent wall project:

  • Pick a wall. This is often the most difficult choice to make. Which wall will become your accent wall? When making this decision, consider where your eyes are drawn when you first enter your home office space. Try to choose a wall that is opposed or counter to wherever the room’s focal point is. This will help to ‘even out’ the overall texture of the home office.
  • Take measurements. When working with GenStone faux stone products, we recommend using the Linear Feet measurement method when determining how many stone veneer panels, ledgers, and trim you’ll need for your new accent wall. For more information on how to determine the volume of GenStone material you’ll need, please visit our “How Much Do I Need” page.
  • Decide whether brick veneer or stacked stone would look best. Our brick veneer panels come in four colors and provide a rugged, industrial look. Alternatively, GenStone stacked stone products offer a more randomized yet structured look that goes great with many existing home office aesthetics.
  • Order your faux stone and follow the installation instructions. At GenStone, we make it easy to bring an authentic stone or brick look to any home office. Our ‘How to Install’ page offers clear, step-by-step video guides to aid you during the installation process. And, our support team is always willing to help with any obstacles you might encounter along the way.

The best part about adding an accent wall to your home office is that the entire project can be completed in a single weekend. Easy!

Kenai Dining Room Accent

Kenai Faux Stone Accent Wall

Idea #2: Home Office Wainscotting with Faux Stone

This idea is a little more complicated than adding an accent wall, and that’s because special attention needs to be paid to cornering, trimming, and mating of shiplap edges.

However, the steps are similar:

  • Measure the linear feet of the area to be wainscotted. Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to wainscot the entire room, as opposed to performing the treatment on just a single wall or two.
  • Determine the height of the wainscotted faux stone. For home offices, a 3 foot-high wainscot makes for a pleasing, design-friendly addition. Be sure to factor in the additional height provided by the ledgers (3.5 inches).
  • Order the GenStone products you need and follow the installation instructions. As mentioned above, our support resources can make the entire process fast and intuitive, even for first-time faux stone installers.

Even though wainscotting requires less faux stone paneling due to the smaller square footage of treated wallspace, the additional cornering and ledger installations demand a little extra attention. The result will be worth the extra effort, however, and we think you’ll love the transformation of your home office space.

A front door wainscoting update project idea, using our Stratford Stacked Stone panels.

Stratford Stacked Stone Exterior Wainscoting