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Stone Veneer Wainscot Project
The dark tones of the Iron Ore blend perfectly with the dark paint and dark shingles on the home, making the white trim pop.
Wainscoting Inside Corner DIY Project
One of the primary benefits of choosing our faux stone panels is the ease of installation. Many projects can be completed in a single weekend.
DIY Wainscoting Design
Desert Sunrise Stacked Stone panels easy DIY wainscoting project finished with additional panels on the columns on the entry stairs.
Stacked Stone Home Skirting
Modernize your home foundation skirting with our Stratford Stacked Stone panels. DIY-friendly, complete your project in a weekend.
DIY Cabin Wainscoting
Stratford Stacked Stone panels cover up this log cabin’s foundation, giving it a beautiful wainscoting siding.
Keystone Garden Wainscoting Idea
One of the most significant advantages to using faux stone panels and ledgers for a garden wainscoting project is the ease of installation.
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