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Faux Stone Design Ideas for Your Backyard Shed

Design Idea #1: Corners Only

A typical backyard shed has a rectangular footprint with four right-angled corners. Instead of completely covering the entire exterior of the shed, a novel design idea is to just treat the corners with a faux stone installation.

GenStone makes this easy by providing pre-cut, interlocking corner pieces that are easy to install and are rated for outdoor use. Each GenStone faux stone corner piece measures 23” tall by 12” long on one side, and 6” long on the other. This offset configuration allows for the use of multiple corner pieces in concert with other GenStone flat panels to create a seamless, ‘randomized’ stacked stone look.

See here for a graphical representation of one of our Keystone corner pieces. Note that the corner piece includes a 1”-long shiplap edge that is meant to be concealed by another piece of faux stone paneling or a piece of trim or ledger, all of which are available direct from GenStone or at your local, participating hardware store.

When installing corner pieces on your backyard shed, keep these tips in mind:

  • Use non-corrosive deck screws for fastening.
  • Each corner piece or flat panel can be cut to size using a handsaw, table saw, or radial saw.
  • GenStone outside corner pieces create the offset pattern that can be continued as far out from the corner as you wish to go. It’s entirely up to you!
Kenai Stacked Stone 90º Outside Corner

Kenai Stacked Stone Corner Piece

Design Idea #2: Wainscotting

A faux stone wainscoting treatment of your backyard shed could be just the thing to add some personality without committing to a ground-to-roof installation.

GenStone faux stone corner pieces, flat panels, and ledgers can be combined to create a wainscoting solution that can be brought up to a height that works best for any size backyard shed. A 4′-tall wainscot is an ideal height for many sheds.

The steps to follow for wainscoting are as follows:

  1. Choose the faux stone color and style that suits your shed.
  2. Take accurate measurements of the surface area to be treated. Here’s some guidance for how to do this.
  3. Place your order for the GenStone you need.
  4. Clean the exterior surfaces of your shed using water and your choice of detergent.
  5. Follow our installation guidelines for affixing the corner pieces, flat panels, trim, and ledger pieces necessary for complete coverage of the wainscot area.

Don’t forget that our support staff is available to answer your questions about how to install GenStone for indoor or outdoor applications. We can also help you visualize what your backyard shed will look like after a stacked faux stone treatment.

Design Idea #3: Interior Accent Wall

For backyard sheds that double as recreational areas for relaxation (‘man caves’, etc.), an accent wall can be a fantastic addition to the interior space.

Starting with the lower left corner, GenStone stacked stone panels can be arranged to completely cover a single wall inside the shed. This makes for a great backdrop to use behind a TV or entertainment center.

For a more ‘industrial’ look for your backyard shed, don’t forget that GenStone faux brick panels are a great choice for accent walls. The installation steps are identical, but the look is vastly different.

With the broad range of faux stone and faux brick products available from GenStone, your backyard shed can be easily enhanced quickly, easily, and affordably!