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Creative Ideas for Using Faux Brick as a Virtual Meeting Background

For the Dedicated Virtual Presenter: Pick a Wall, Any Wall!

If you’re someone who facilitates or attends more than one or two online meetings every week, it’s absolutely worth it to invest in a high-quality meeting background. Doing so will allow you to express yourself and even build a kind of ‘brand’ for your online persona.

Adding faux brick as a backdrop is super easy, and you can complete this project in just one day, in most cases!

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a wall in your home office to act as the backdrop for your online meetings. It doesn’t have to be the biggest wall or even the smallest—it just has to be the wall that makes the most sense to use for virtual meetings.
  2. Take accurate measurements of the wall, so you know how much GenStone faux brick panels to purchase. If you need help on how to do this, check out our ‘Project Planning’ video.
  3. Select the faux brick style that best suits you. Choose from Chicago, Classic, Deep Red, or Multi-colored. The best choice will also depend on the existing home decor your have already.
  4. Purchase your GenStone panels. You can either buy from your local, participating hardware store, or you can buy direct from us. Remember to buy 5% more than you absolutely need, as trimming and sizing needs will vary from project to project.
  5. Install your GenStone panels following our installation guidelines.

Not only will your online meetings have a new flair, your home office will have a completely new look that you’ll love!

A dining room interior accent wall project completed with Kenai Stacked Stone panels.

Kenai Stacked Stone Accent Wall

For the Occasional Online Meeting Attendee or Host: Build a Mobile Panel

One of the great things about using a green screen for customized backgrounds is that online meeting attendees can move it wherever they need it. Why not apply the same principle for a faux brick background?

For this idea, all you’ll need are the following materials:

  • A piece of plywood large enough to cover your entire meeting background
  • A box of wood screws
  • The GenStone faux brick panels of your choice

Once you have these materials, simply affix the faux brick panels to the plywood board such that the pre-engineered edges overlap each other. The panels are meant to interweave with each other, and the resulting look will be seamless.

After completing this project, you’ll have a mobile meeting background that you can store in a closet, garage, or other storage space until you need it. Easy!

Here’s a twist on this idea: add some picture hanger hardware to the plywood board so that it can be hung on the wall for your meetings. Doing this will likely reduce the required overall size of the board. If you conduct your online meetings with a near zoom, it’s possible for you to create a relatively small backdrop that you can just hang on the wall behind you before every meeting.

More Utility, Less Cost

GenStone faux brick panels are constructed using lightweight, polyurethane foam material that is non-porous. Even though it looks like real brick, it can be cleaned and maintained like any other smooth surface in your home office. So, cleaning is a breeze!

Also, you can use post-it notes on GenStone panels, whereas with real brick, this would likely be problematic. And, because the material can easily be drilled into, you can hang pictures or dry erase boards from it.

With a faux brick panel virtual meeting background, you can be more productive in style. That’s the power of GenStone!