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Create a Spa-Inspired Bathroom with a Natural-Looking Stone Shower

Faux Stone Accent Wall Shower Idea & Installation Overview

Revitalize Your Bathroom with a GenStone Faux Stone Accent Wall

When you learn just how easy it is to obtain, prepare, and install GenStone faux stone panels, you’ll never return to using real stone again. The benefits of GenStone—especially for use in bathroom installations—are numerous, including:

  • GenStone panels are waterproof. Constructed out of durable, non-porous resin, GenStone stacked stone panels can be used to line the walls of wash basins, bathtubs, and shower stalls. They make a great bathroom sink backsplash, too!
  • Installation is easy. When we say you can install GenStone faux stone panels in minutes, we mean it! And, with the support you’ll get from our online resources, nothing will be left to chance.

Now that you know the reasons why GenStone faux stone panels are a superior alternative to using real stone for bathroom renovations, here are a few ideas to help get you started.

Bathroom Accent Wall

Often, a simple, understated design enhancement can mean all the difference for a bathroom.

Why rip up and completely restore the entire bathroom when treating a single wall could do wonders to the overall aesthetic?

To add a faux stone accent wall to your bathroom, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the faux stone panel design that best suits your existing bathroom look and feel. Remember that all GenStone faux stone panels can be touched up using the latex paint of your choice. Make it your own with a little creativity!
  2. Measure the area of the wall so you know how much GenStone material you’ll need. For tips on how to take accurate measurements, view this page. Once you know the number of panels your job will require, place your order or visit your local hardware store to obtain your GenStone.
  3. Prepare the wall by removing any tiling, adornments, or fixtures (speaking of fixtures…don’t forget that GenStone panels can be easily cut-to-size to accommodate towel hangers, hooks, and lighting).
  4. Apply your GenStone faux stone panels using our easy, intuitive installation process. Using standard drywall screws is sufficient for installing GenStone faux stone panels on interior surfaces like those in a bathroom.

To complete the look of your new accent wall, consider adding some faux stone trim at the base, near the ceiling, or along the corners. With our vast array of complimentary faux stone panel products, you’ll always have an option to finish your accent wall the way you want it to look.

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