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Overcoming Obstacles with Stone Veneer

Navigating Electrical Boxes, Cabinets and More

How to Install Stone Veneer Exterior and Interior

Anticipate gutters, hose bibs, electrical boxes and other obstacles.

Unless you’re lucky enough to install your faux stone panels on a wall with no obstacles, you will need to plan ahead in order to give your improvement project a professional finish. Fortunately when we engineered the GenStone system, we thought ahead for you and can provide you with the accessories necessary to complete a project easily like a professional. Below we will examine several situations and the obstacles our do-it-yourself community overcame during their projects. If you apply the strategies used to overcome obstacles below, you will know how to install stone veneer panels like a pro and overcome any obstacle you may run into during your project.

Entertainment Center

Janice had a professional contractor finish the majority of her basement remodel, but her Kenai Stacked Stone entertainment center is one project Janice tackled on her own. We wanted to feature this particular project because Janice actually used a kitchen knife to cut her panels to fit around the speakers! While there are certainly easier ways to cut stone veneer panels, Janice found her kitchen knife easier to make small cuts for an interior project.

Hose Spigots

Purchase a plastic bib surround from any hardware store and finish the surrounding area with one GenStone trim piece and a miter saw. Since GenStone can be cut with any type of saw, cutting the panels to fit around the existing bib is another option for this obstacle and one of the easiest ways to overcome any protruding fixture.

How to Install Stone Veneer Trim Pieces


Carefully Notch a Space

Every home has the occasional downspout to contend with. Luckily, GenStone can be cut to form around a downspout quickly and easily with any type of saw. For this obstacle, we recommend using a drywall saw or jig saw. Don’t forget to paint the exposed edges after securing the ledger or other accessory to the wall.

How to Install Stone Veneer Around Downspout

Light Fixtures

Use Trim or a Pillar Cap

Light fixtures are almost always unavoidable during exterior installations. This GenStone customer opted to use one piece of trim mitered to create a finished square around the fixture. Another option would be to bore a hole in one of our stacked stone pillar caps to create a similar look.

GenStone Keystone Inside Corner

Kitchen Cabinets

Trim or Termination

Outdoor kitchens are one of the most popular GenStone projects. In Teresa’s project featured here, she decided to install GenStone trim around each cabinet throughout the outdoor kitchen. If your cabinets, refrigerator or other kitchen accessory extends beyond the installation surface by at least 1 inch, you can also choose to terminate the panels directly into the storage space.

Using Faux Stone Trim Around Cabinets