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DIY Deck Skirting Ideas
GenStone offers elegant solutions for covering exterior concrete foundations or other outdated deck skirting.
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Elevated Porch Skirting Options
Faux stone porch skirting options are a quick and easy way to add curbside appeal to any deck or porch. Add some character to your porch.
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Keith’s Faux Stone Duplex Wainscoting
You can improve the curb appeal of your duplex by installing our faux stone wainscoting around it. The look will impress your tenants.
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Valerie’s Stone Veneer Wainscot Project
A great way to add some depth and texture to your home is with a wainscot project using our stone veneer. Check out how Valerie applied it.
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Faux Stone Front Deck Skirting
Want to upgrade your porch? You can use faux stone to add depth and character to your front deck with a skirting project.
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Faux Stone Ledger Panels
Stacked stone ledger panels are the perfect way to finish off your wainscoting project. Check out DIY projects using GenStone faux stone panels.
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Ron’s DIY Wainscoting with Faux Stone
Looking to add something special to your home? You can complete a DIY wainscoting project with our faux stone in a weekend!
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Rob’s Stone Veneer Skirting Project
Looking for inspiration for your home wainscoting? Take a look at this DIY skirting project done with our stone veneer!
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Rodrigo’s DIY Decorative Skirting Project
Looking for a decorative project to improve your home exterior? Take a look at this DIY decorative skirting project using faux stone!
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Robert’s Faux Stone Wainscot and Siding Transformation
Robert used our faux stone for a beautiful wainscot and siding transformation project. It enhanced the rest of his home exterior.
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Karen’s DIY Stone Veneer Wainscoting Idea
If you need an idea for how to cover your home foundation, our stone veneer is the perfect DIY wainscoting. Take a look at this project!
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Judith’s Faux Stone Deck Wainscoting
Looking to add some curb appeal to your home? Our faux stone is perfect for a wainscoting project on your deck!
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Gary’s DIY Home Skirting Project
You can improve your curb appeal with an easy DIY home skirting project using GenStone's faux stone. Take a look at this project!
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DIY Porch Skirting with Stacked Stone
You can add GenStone's Stacked Stone to any area of your home, like this beautiful DIY porch skirting project. Check out how they installed it around and obstacle!
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Alex’s DIY Deck Skirting Project
Deck skirting designs are often outdated, but you can upgrade yours as a DIY project using GenStone. Take a look at this project!
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