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Retaining Wall

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DIY Faux Stone Home Siding
If you need to remodel your home siding and garden wall with an easy DIY project, look no further than GenStone's faux stone!
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Outdoor Wall Panel
DIY half wall built with stone veneer sheets by GenStone. Easy to install engineered panels, ledgers and corners that fit together seamlessly.
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Stone Veneer Retaining Wall Project
Want to add some depth and character to your patio? Check out this beautiful stone veneer retaining wall project for inspiration!
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Josh’s DIY Faux Stone Home Exterior Wainscoting
Our faux stone is a great DIY exterior solution and is great for home exterior wainscoting projects and even a retaining wall in your yard.
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Desert Sunrise Faux Stone Garden Retaining Wall
David’s Faux Stone Garden Retaining Wall
Want to upgrade a retaining wall on your patio? You can use our faux stone to transform your garden retaining wall in a few hours!
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DIY Northern Slate Faux Stone Porch Skirting & Retaining Wall Project
Melinda & Jason’s DIY Faux Stone Porch Skirting & Retaining Wall Project
Thinking of updating your exterior? Take a look at this beautiful DIY porch skirting and retaining wall project that uses our faux stone!
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A Wainscot & Retaining Wall project using Iron Ore Stacked Stone panels.
Stan’s Wainscot & Retaining Wall
Have an unsightly wall you want to cover? Take a look at Stan's wainscot and retaining wall project using Iron Ore Stacked Stone panels!
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Trevor’s DIY Rock Retaining Wall
GenStone products give you all of the beauty of natural stone without the costly labor and materials. DIY faux stone rock retaining wall.
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Krista’s Faux Stone DIY Retaining Wall and Front Stairs Liner
With our faux stone, you can complete a DIY exterior makeover, like this retaining wall and front stairs liner. Check out the before & after!
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Rock Retaining Wall
GenStone can be installed directly over any flat retaining wall, including concrete to create the look of a stone retaining wall for less.
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