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Keri’s Custom Color Porch
Stacked Stone Custom Color design for an enclosed porch beautifully trim the painting and the dark wood floor.
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Henry’s Screened-in Porch Wainscoting
A DIY screened-in porch renovation wainscoting project using Northern Slate Stacked Stone gives this home a professional finish.
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Linda’s DIY Porch Pillar Wraps
Our faux stone pillar wraps kit gave this customer the look of natural stone without the headache in this DIY porch column project.
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Ryan’s DIY Porch Siding Replacement
This DIY porch siding replacement brought this porch to life and added depth the old vinyl siding did not offer. Take a look!
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Faux Stone Porch Walls Design
This project upgraded and transformed these porch walls and porch wall siding with faux stone, making the entryway stand out!
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The Goodridge’s DIY Stone Veneer Front Door Siding and Chimney
Stone veneer is perfect for a home DIY project for your front door siding as well as for your chimney - check out this faux stone project!
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Payne’s Stone Veneer Front Door
Transform your front door with stone veneer! You can add DIY columns to your front door with ease. Take a look at this project!
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John’s Minimalist Faux Stone Pillar
You don't need to do a big project with GenStone, subtle additions can make an impact. Check out this minimalist faux stone pillar project!
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Timothy’s Faux Stone DIY Deck Skirting
Faux stone is a simple DIY solution to upgrade your deck skirting and improve your curb appeal all at once. Take a look at this project!
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Judith’s Faux Stone Deck Wainscoting
Looking to add some curb appeal to your home? Our faux stone is perfect for a wainscoting project on your deck!
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Brenda’s Faux Stone Porch Siding
You can use GenStone for subtle changes to your siding. Take a look at the before and after photos of this porch siding using faux stone.
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Joy’s DIY Front Porch Wainscoting
Improve your curb appeal with a simple DIY project by adding faux stone to your front porch wainscoting. Take a look!
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Faux Stone Front Porch
Looking for inspiration for a DIY front door and porch project? Our faux stone is the perfect choice for your front porch!
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DIY Porch Skirting with Stacked Stone
You can add GenStone's Stacked Stone to any area of your home, like this beautiful DIY porch skirting project. Check out how they installed it around and obstacle!
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Andrea’s Faux Stone DIY Deck Wainscoting
If you want an easy DIY deck skirting project, GenStone's faux stone is a great choice. You can complete projects like this in a weekend!
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