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Paul’s Faux Stone Home Siding
Northern Slate faux stone transformed this customer's home siding and front door columns, complementing the home and making it unique.
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Rob’s Siding and Patio Pillars
Rob used our Desert Sunrise for a large home siding and patio pillars project, upgrading his home exterior and curb appeal. Take a look!
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Thao’s Stone Veneer DIY Wainscoting
This customer used our stone veneer for a DIY wainscoting project on their home exterior. Check out the before and after photos!
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Stuart’s Faux Stone Sign Columns
If you need new columns to hold a sign, our faux stone pillar panels provide the look of natural stone without the cost and construction.
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Julian’s Porch Pillars
GenStone customer Julian took advantage of our porch pillar kits to complete a unique yet simple DIY home exterior project. Our Coffee Stacked Stone Pillar panels easily screw into existing columns, making this project a low-stress, high-impact DIY patio project.
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Dustin’s Faux Stone Driveway Columns
This customer used our faux stone for a simple DIY project on his driveway gate columns, making the first thing people see stand out.
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Stacked Stone DIY Patio Columns
Our easy-to-install pillar kits are perfect for DIY patio projects like these columns. This is a low-stress high-impact project.
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Bob’s Interior Column Wraps
Need ideas for how to revamp your interior support columns? Check out Bob's DIY stone veneer column wrap project! Transform your home with GenStone's help.
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Anna’s Faux Stone Columns & Skirting
Looking for curb appeal inspiration? Take a look at this beautiful DIY skirting project using our faux stone and columns!
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Leif’s Rock Siding Design
For unique exterior home design ideas & garage siding options, see how GenStone's faux stone panels improved the look of Leif's garage & entry rock siding!
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Laci’s Stone Columns
Looking for creative porch post wraps? Check out Laci's faux stone porch columns from GenStone! For easy DIY installation, browse our stone columns today.
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Vanilla Bean Stacked Stone Patio Columns and Bench Seating.
Steve’s Patio Columns & Bench Seating
Looking to transform your patio? Check out this patio project using our Vanilla Bean Stacked Stone columns and bench seating!
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Iron Ore Faux Stone Mailbox Column
Richard’s Faux Stone Mailbox Column
Need to redo your mailbox? Take a look at this DIY mailbox column using Iron Ore faux stone that was built from scratch!
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DIY Flagpole
Keystone Faux Stacked Stone pillar panels bring a clean and sophisticated finish to this DIY flagpole base.
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Exterior Column Wraps
Commercial building upgrade using stacked stone exterior column wraps, stacked stone panels and corners by GenStone lightweight siding.
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