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Faux stone made a great foundation cover

DIY Home Skirting to Cover Foundation

The foundation of your home is essential, but it is often an unsightly concrete. Faux stone is a great way to cover up your foundation and make your exterior look beautiful. GenStone customer Joseph Santoli used our Northern Slate Stack Stone product to cover up the foundation on his home, transforming the exterior and increasing his curb appeal. 

The blues and grays in the Northern Slate match his blue home beautifully and looks like it belongs there. A DIY home skirting project like this is one of the most popular exterior uses of our stacked stone products because it is affordable and can be installed by you. It eliminates the need for a mason and expensive construction costs that come with using real stone. 

Why GenStone

We have eco-friendly panels in a variety of colors that can perfectly complement your home, as is the case with Joseph’s DIY home skirting. Our faux stone is so easy to install that most projects can be installed in a single weekend.

Foundation cover up, concrete cover up, pillar accents, and wainscoting are all different DIY home skirting ideas that can help update your home and potentially increase your home value.


Upgrade Area: Exterior
Project Type: PorchSkirting
Categories: Project Photos
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