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The Top 3 Advantages of a Faux Brick Mailbox

DIY Faux Brick Mailbox Project

#1: It's a Great New Look For Your Home

The best advantage that comes with a new faux brick mailbox is the great new exterior look it gives your home. Faux brick looks incredibly authentic and, being a wonderfully versatile material, it also comes in a broad range of styles and designs.

You can craft the mailbox you’ve always wanted using different types of brick veneer or stone panels, which, if purchased from GenStone, are all molded using real brick or real stone.

The design opportunities are endless. You can install red brick columns to match the rest of your property’s exterior look, or you can create a rugged outdoorsy look using stacked stone. You can work with the existing mailbox, or you can design a completely new style from scratch.

At GenStone, our team is happy to share their creative experience with you to help you to craft the perfect faux brick mailbox.

#2: Better Protection for Your Mail

Mailboxes provide an important practical function. They are a place for your mail to be safely delivered and stored until you pick it up from outside of your home, while also making the whole process as quick and easy as possible for the postal workers to do their job.

A faux brick mailbox fulfills all the functions of a traditional mailbox, but there are a few extra benefits that come with a fashionable faux brick design. For starters, because a faux brick mailbox is easily customizable, that means you can add in a few extra layers of security and create a design that’s much more secure than just a post in the ground with a box attached.

A faux brick pillar is much sturdier than a wooden post, and it will survive those unexpected storms or unfortunate knocks for many years to come.

Faux brick is also incredibly weather-resistant as a material in itself. Faux brick panels have a treated exterior that is designed to survive in the outdoors. They are well proven to withstand rain, snow, ice, and any other elements that might be exposed to it throughout the year.

Overall, a sturdy design and weatherproof exterior help to give you a mailbox that goes a long way in actually protecting your mail.

#3: Super Easy Installation (You Don't Need a Mason!)

Not only do faux brick mailboxes add a great new look to the outside of your home while also protecting your mail, they are also surprisingly easy to install too.

In fact, unlike regular brick or stone mailbox designs, you don’t need a mason or bricklayer to get the work done. In fact, you don’t need many tools or much experience at all. Faux brick is designed to be super easy to install, and it can be purchased in prefabricated columns or pillars that can be quickly built into the ground.

Faux brick columns or pillars can simply be built around a wooden or metal mailbox stave, allowing you to quickly cover your existing mailbox support structure. The mailbox itself can also be incorporated into the design on the faux brick paneling if you’re looking to get a little more creative with the work.

At GenStone, our faux brick panels can be easily cut and shaped to produce the perfect design. All you need is a saw and a few bolts to pin them in place. We even provide step-by-step instructions, making this a simple yet fulfilling DIY project that anyone can complete in a relatively short period of time.

Why Choose GenStone?

GenStone’s Faux Brick panels are easy to install and long-lasting. Our unique designs are cast from real bricks, giving them an authentic appeal that makes for an excellent addition to any interior or exterior design project, including mailboxes.

Our Faux Brick paneling system is purposefully designed to be quickly fitted with limited tools and experience.

Have questions? GenStone’s friendly, professional staff are ready to take your inquiry today. Contact us to find out more about installing your very own faux brick mailbox.