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The 4 Best Backyard Faux Stone Gazebo Ideas

#1: Transform Those Boring Walls

One of the simplest and most dramatic uses of faux stone is to transform those “ho-hum” half-walls between your gazebo posts.

This will provide some privacy if you use your gazebo for a hot tub area. Don’t worry, GenStone faux stone panels are 99.9% waterproof, so they are perfect for the hot tub area. If your gazebo uses lattice panels between the posts, simply cover the lattice with plywood, and then install your stylish stacked stone panels directly to the plywood.

Here are a couple of ideas to use stacked faux stone panels on your gazebo walls.

  1. One option is to cover all of the half-walls, except at the doorway(s). This would be a full wraparound of your gazebo with faux stone panels. If you think that might be too much stacked stone for the size of your gazebo, consider covering every other wall with the faux stacked stone.
  2. You could also use faux stone to cover the wood base of your gazebo (if applicable) to create a stacked stone “skirt” that wraps around your entire gazebo base. This will create the illusion of a stone foundation, adding some subtle interest and depth to the structure.

#2: The Stacked Stone Pillar

Another great idea is to wrap just the gazebo posts with GenStone’s pillar kits.

They come with premade corners, so there’s no difficult cutting or math calculations involved. These faux stone kits are made to fit an 8” square column, and they install in mere minutes.

After that, add a flat or peaked pillar cap to complete the transformation of your backyard faux stone gazebo.

Depending on the size and number of posts your gazebo has, consider these ideas:

  • Use only 2 pillar kits to establish the gazebo entry.
  • Use 4 pillar kits to create a defined entry and exit.
  • Create 4 “legs”, add plywood and a countertop to create a table for dining, or a food prep area for your barbecue or outdoor kitchen gazebo.
Northern Slate Pillar Panels

#3: A Stacked Stone Water Feature

Stone water features are a great addition to almost any area, and your backyard gazebo is no exception. The sound of slowly moving water has a calming and relaxing effect on almost everyone. Design your water feature using walls to hide the electrical connection and the pump motor, and simply cover the exterior plywood surface with faux stone panels.

You could go with a simple square box fountain that bubbles out of the top, or maybe have a chute coming through the wall where the water cascades off the edge. The possibilities are endless!

Stratford Stacked Stone Deck Remodel

Stratford Stacked Stone outdoor water feature