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Our Favorite Faux Brick Design Ideas

Give Your Living Room a Faux Brick Makeover

It’s a simple design idea, but it’s the simplicity of adding a faux brick wall to your living room that makes it such a popular interior makeover move.

If you’re looking to add a unique touch to your living space or to breathe a breath of fresh air into your home, then you can have a faux brick wall up in as little as a few hours.

You can cover all your existing living room walls in faux brick, for uniformity, or you can create a much more interesting style of your own by only paneling one wall, and leaving the others as they are.

bed and breakfast, brick business

Faux Stone Brick Accent Wall in a Bed & Breakfast Waiting Room

Faux Brick Pillars

Faux brick pillars and columns can be a fantastic way to add character to the corners of your room or to hide structural supports inside the house. They look great, and they provide a cover for an otherwise bland part of the home.

You can also incorporate faux brick pillars and columns outside the house, too. They can add a new dimension to a doorway, or you can even use them at the entrance to the property. Pillars and columns are also perfect for designing new, faux brick mailboxes.

Hidden Doors

A classic use for faux brick panels is to craft a concealed or hidden doorway inside or outside of the home.

If you need a secure area or just want to hide away every now and then, then concealed entrances can be covered up using faux brick walls.

Faux Brick Wall Art

When it comes to faux brick design ideas, you’re only really limited by your imagination. There are countless projects you can work on, and you can even get creative and artsy.

Faux brick can be used to work unique art designs into the walls themselves. You can merge different styles of brick, or work with multiple materials to create different designs. You can create lettering or even entire scenes using a combination of plain walls and faux brick.

There are so many great options, and that’s why faux brick is one of our favorite materials to work with when it comes to design work!

Why Choose GenStone?

Our favorite faux brick design ideas can all be recreated in your own home. GenStone’s faux brick panels are wonderfully easy to install, all you need are a few simple tools and a few inspired ideas.

Our unique panel systems make faux brick a great DIY project, while our designs are all molded using real brick, giving them an authentic, appealing look, inside or outside the house.

Get in touch with our friendly, professional staff, if you’re looking for more creative ideas or if you’re ready to put one of our favorite faux brick designs into action!