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How to Turn A Playhouse into a Castle with Faux Stone

Why settle for an ordinary, run-of-the-mill playhouse when you can transform it into a majestic, noble castle fit for a king or queen?

Among all of the creative ideas for installing GenStone faux stone, using our stacked stone panels to enhance a play structure is one of our favorites. There’s a lot of great reasons why our stacked faux stone panels make for fantastic playroom upgrades, and the kids can even help with installation, too (with adult supervision, of course)!

Compared with the use of real stone or bricks, faux stone material from GenStone offers the following benefits:

  • Safer surfaces for children to play on. GenStone faux stone panels are composed of a lightweight polyurethane foam material that won’t scratch or cut skin like pieces of real stone could.
  • Simpler to install. Getting the real look of stacked stone but without the time investment required to build real stone walls is a huge benefit. And, facading a playhouse with GenStone could be done in just a few hours!
  • Easier to clean and maintain. GenStone faux stone is non-porous and waterproof. So, cleaning the playhouse is a breeze; you wouldn’t have such an easy time with real stone or brick.

With a little creativity, a few hours of work, and some high-quality, durable GenStone faux stone panels, you can give your little ones a kingdom all of their own.

Here are a few ideas that might help.

A Stacked Stone ‘Playhouse Perimeter'

This idea involves the use of a few pieces of plywood, some flat faux stone panels, and four outside corner pieces.

If your playhouse is located outside, then we suggest the use of non-corrosive deck screws for the installation of GenStone faux stone panels.

If your playhouse is located inside, then standard drywall screws or wood screws should work just fine.

Step 1: Build a ‘wall’ of plywood around the base of the playhouse. Use your choice of wood glue or fasteners to adjoin the corners. To make things easy, keep your Playhouse Perimeter to a height of around two feet.

Step 2: Cover each of the four corners with the GenStone corner pieces of your choice. Review our corner piece specifications to ensure that they meet the dimensions of your perimeter.

Step 3: Fill in the areas between the corners with flat faux stone panels. It’s easy to right-size your panels by using a standard handsaw.

For added flair, don’t forget to add some trim or corner ledger pieces to complete the look!

Iron Ore Stacked Stone Outside Corner Ledger

Iron Ore Stacked Stone Outside Corner Piece

Faux Stone-ify the Playhouse Roof

Most playhouse roofs have a traditional ‘pitch’ or slope to them, making them easy to enhance with a few panels of GenStone faux stone. A faux stone playhouse roof can give the play area a new look and feel that all the neighborhood kids will love!

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Measure the dimensions of the playhouse roof.

Step 2: Order enough flat faux stone panels to fully cover the roof. Be sure to add 5% to whatever you order, just in case you need to trim a few pieces down.

Step 3: Clean the playhouse roof thoroughly using a degreasing cleaner.

Step 4: Using an industrial adhesive, attach your GenStone faux stone panels to each side of the roof, starting at a lower corner and working your way up. [We’re using an adhesive here instead of wood screws because we don’t want the interior of the playhouse to have exposed screws that could scratch or puncture skin.]

Give the Playhouse Door ‘Special Treatment'

Don’t have the time, patience, or budget for a full-on playhouse makeover? No problem! How about using just a few pieces of GenStone faux stone to resurface the playhouse door?

Just disconnect the door, take a few measurements, size your faux stone panels, and install them to the door surface. Easy!

The best part about this idea is that it’s super quick, and because GenStone faux stone panels are lightweight, the door will be able to function as normal.

Another idea is to use our faux stone trim and corner pieces to accentuate the existing playhouse windows. Just cut the pieces to size, adhere them to the window corners, and viola! Instant playhouse enhancement!

How Will You Use GenStone?

At GenStone, we’re all about the imaginative, creative use of faux stone to beautify and embellish indoor and outdoor living areas.

If you decide to use GenStone faux stone panels as part of a playhouse project, don’t forget to send us pictures of the final results! We love spotlighting our customers’ projects on our website.

Good luck!