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Backyard Fireplace Ideas That Can Be Created with Stacked Stone

Idea #1: In-Ground Fire Pit with Faux Stone Retaining Walls

Our first idea is also the most ambitious! But, we think it has some real potential for homeowners who want a dramatic outdoor fireplace that invites people to come on over, grab a few marshmallows, and enjoy an evening by the fire.

For this idea, you’ll need to get digging. Grab some shovels and dig a square, pentagonal, or similar flat-sided polygon shape, at least 3 feel in depth. You’ll want to reserve enough room for the firepit/fireplace itself, so factor in at least 3-4 feet for that feature, alone. A safe bet for hole width would be 10-12 feet, at least.

When digging, ensure that the walls of your hole are as close to vertical as you can get them. This will be important when the time comes to install the GenStone faux stone.

Step two for this project is to retain the edges of the hole with the outdoor-grade support of your choice. Use treated pine or hardwood to create a solid foundation for the surface that your GenStone faux stone will be installed onto. Another alternative would be to use concrete ‘sleepers’ to accomplish this, however this option is a bit more expensive and time-consuming.

Next, it’s time to install your GenStone faux stone! Following our installation guidelines, carefully line the interior walls of your hole, making sure to cut-to-size the panels needed for adequate coverage.

outdoor stone fireplace

What Will You Create with GenStone?

The best thing about GenStone stacked stone products are their versatility. Using some imagination, it’s possible to create the outdoor fireplace of your dreams, complete with the natural look of real stone but without the real stone cost, labor, and time investment.

Remember that GenStone faux stone products are exceptionally durable, but they are not fireproof. Our stacked stone and faux brick panels are composed using polyurethane, making them incredibly resilient yet still susceptible to melting at high temperatures.

faux stone outdoor fireplace

With this being said, we don’t recommend installing GenStone panels within three feet of the open flame section of a fireplace—whether indoors or outdoors.

If you’re worried about keeping your faux stone panels clean, don’t be! GenStone paneling material is easy to clean with a quick spray of the garden hose. It does not rust, rot, or blemish like other surfaces, a feature that homeowners absolutely love!

After you complete your faux stone outdoor fireplace project, don’t forget to snap a picture of it and send it to us for inclusion on our projects page!