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Add Character to a Room with a Faux Brick Wall

What Is Brick Veneer?

Brick veneer is a manufactured type of indoor or outdoor surfacing that is designed to replicate the natural look of offset brick. To achieve this, real bricks are used to create an injection mold that is then used in the creation of durable, lightweight, and easy-to-install faux brick panels.

To make sure that the brick veneered wall of your choice best suits the design aesthetic of your home, GenStone offers four varieties of faux brick panels:

  • Chicago Brick. Giving off a kind of industrial-yet-homely vibe, the Chicago Brick veneers from GenStone give you the ability to add stark contrast to virtually any indoor space.
  • Classic Brick. When you think about what a typical brick wall might look like, this is it! It’s straightforward, bold, and authentic-looking.
  • Deep Red Brick. Rich burgundy and red wine tones come through in this faux brick panel type. This is the perfect fit for a more subdued, understated look.
  • Multi-Colored Brick. For the artsy, expressive accent wall, multi-colored brick veneers can’t be beat!

Now that you know what your design options are, let’s move on to the planning, preparation, and installation phases.


After you’ve chosen the brick veneer panels you’d like to use, sized them appropriately, and prepared the area for installation, it’s time to install!

Here are the installation steps:

  • Start your panel run from the lower left corner of the wall. Be sure to countersink the shiplap screws 8” apart. It’s helpful to use a level as you work to ensure consistent placement.
  • Be sure to use face screws on the undersides of the protruding brick, ideally where shadows fall. GenStone offers color-matched caulking that we suggest you use after installing the screws. Remember that adhesive is not necessary, and standard drywall screws will work just fine!
  • As you make your way from the bottom to the top of the wall, cut the top-most panels to size. This can be easily done with a hand saw, circular saw, or band saw. Remember to keep your scrap pieces, as they can be used to fill gaps along the way.
Installing GenStone Faux Brick Basement Bar

That’s it! By following the three steps above, you can turn your drab interior wall into a fun, attractive faux brick wall that adds character to any room. Good luck!