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Which Stone Veneer is the Highest Quality
Life Tested Labs presents the first 3 of a series of durability tests where cultured stone and GenStone attempt to survive a sledgehammer, gravity and a Jeep Rubicon.
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Manufactured vs Natural Stone
Compare the advantages and disadvantages of both natural stone and manufactured stone veneer to see what the best choice is for your project.
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Cultured Stone vs Faux Stone Install
Don't start a cultured stone installation without exploring this infographic first! Learn why more and more consumers are turning to DIY faux stone.
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Eco Friendly Siding
Stone products are natural but are they eco friendly? Discover why faux stone is a greener siding option for your home than traditional stone work.
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Insulation R-Values
You may have heard of "R-Value" when researching different types of insulation. R-Value refers to the material's thermal resistance or in other words, the material's ability to keep hot or cold air inside or outside of the structure.
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