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Eco Friendly Siding Options

Evaluating material sourcing through maintaining your house siding

Build Green with Eco Friendly Siding

The beauty and visual appeal of natural stone, rock and clay brick veneers is beyond question. These materials are often used to complement or enhance an otherwise dull or unremarkable exterior. GenStone faux stone siding panels offer consumers and builders a way to incorporate the appeal of natural stone into their design plans without causing the excessive environmental damage that excavation processes have historically impacted upon our planet.

Consider the Impact of Your Project
Whether it is a residential or commercial setting, stone, rock and brick are popular choices for builders or consumers who desire the classic, traditional look of architectural masonry. However, the “green” or “eco-friendly” value of using natural materials in siding construction should be considered when making the decision to add rock, brick or stone to any exterior.

How Stone Cutting Works
When talking about stone veneer, we often talk about how stone cutting and how this is one of the most destructive practices in nature. When you cut stone, you’re essentially destroying part of the beauty that is stone. While this has occurred for hundreds of thousands of years, stone veneer is an alternative that helps keep natural stone alive and well in its ecosystem into the future.

Eco Friendly House Siding

Faux Stone Production vs Traditional Stone Cutting

What Does Go Green Mean?

The topic of ecological friendliness is multi-faceted. From simply committing to a course of “reducing, reusing and recycling,” to the complexity of developing environmentally sustainable goods and alternative energy sources, there are varying “shades” of green. For the purposes of this discussion, we will assume “green” to mean friendly to the environment.

Is GenStone Green?

Extracting rock, clay and stone from the earth can be a considerably less than “eco-friendly” process. While clay for brick making is excavated by digging and trenching, stone and rock are acquired by using explosives to demolish hillsides, forests and plains.

These raw material harvesting methods require the use of heavy-duty, diesel-powered machinery and equipment. Quarrying rock and stone is especially harmful to the earth’s surface. It causes permanent, irreversible scarring to the landscape, the destruction of naturally existing features and assumes a role in the potential ruin of floral and faunal habitats. Additionally, these types of extraction processes contribute significantly to noise and air pollution levels overall.

GenStone siding products do not use any kind of stone, cement or mortar in the manufacturing process, thereby eliminating the need to cull rock, clay, sand or stone materials from the surface of the earth. Each uniquely colored and molded panel is made by compressing a combination of polyurethane and color oxides into one of several cast stone, rock or brick molds. Extreme pressure is applied to the raw material and the mold, which results in a highly dense, realistic-looking finished faux siding product.

Coffee Outside Corner Panel

Every panel is checked for quality and strength and individually finished by hand in a factory controlled environment. Unlike the unpredictable and sometimes unseen variations in the consistency, density and absorbency of natural rock, stone and antique brick, GenStone panels are distinctive, durable, and waterproof.