GenStone faux stone panels are cast from real stone, rock and brick to recreate the unique texture, colors and shapes of each masonry style. In fact, the only things we didn’t emulate with GenStone is the installation headache and weight associated with natural and concrete building materials. It took us decades to perfect our system and our molds, resulting in multiple categories of faux stone products designed specifically for certain applications.

What Type of Faux Stone Panels Do You Need?

That depends on what you plan to improve and where you live.

Buying a stone veneer that is designed for exterior use rather than interior use is one pitfall you need to avoid when shopping for faux stone panels. While other faux stone companies do not make a clear distinction to their consumers regarding the intended use, we did not introduce our interior line until it passed the necessary tests in order to be cleared for interior applications. As a matter of point, despite overwhelming demand for interior GenStone, we spent years making sure our product would be top of the line rather than introduce an inferior product to satisfy the demand.

Below you will find our collections of panels designed for exterior as well as our new interior line.

United States and Canada

Individually designed for each country.

GenStone has grown exponentially in popularity in both the United States as well as Canada. True to our brand, we designed faux stone panels to meet or exceed the requirements for building materials in both countries. That attention to country-specific details resulted in a distinctive line of panels for not only exterior and interior applications but also a totally unique collection of faux stone for the United States and Canada.

Explore the United States Collection

GenStone US Faux Stone Panel System
What Makes the US Collection Different?

The GenStone US collection consists of the same pieces as the Canadian system with an important distinction. The US collection includes a “z” shaped panel that is considered the full panel in the US. The US half panel on the other hand is the full panel in Canada.

In addition to some minor differences in weight and thickness, there are also some other differences in components for our brick veneer collections.

Z Panel (full)

Half Panel

Corner Panel

Corner Piece

Trim & Ledgers

Pillar Kits

Explore the Canadian Collection

GenStone US Faux Stone Panel System
How is the Canadian Collection Different?

While the Canadian faux stone system does consist of one fewer component it is equally effective when it comes to durability, authenticity and ease of install. In fact, the Canadian GenStone collection is the only set of faux stone panels available in Canada to receive a Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC) designation.

CCMC, is an evaluation service for all types of innovative building construction materials in Canada. CCMC are based on the requirements of the National Building Code of Canada. GenStone’s CCMC number is #13692-R and it applies to all styles in the Canadian collection.

Z Panel

Half Panel (full)

Corner Panel

Corner Piece

Trim & Ledgers

Pillar Kits

Faux Stone Panels United StatesGenStone: United States

Stacked Stone, Random Rock, Brick and River Rock

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How it Works

We’ve engineered the labor out of the install

Our faux stone system includes three uniquely sized panels, a corner piece, ledgers, trim and even an inside corner component. Each was designed to work together seamlessly and make any faux stone installation easy whether it’s an accent wall or full-scale remodel. Watch our Product Knowledge video below to see how it works!

Stacked Stone Faux Stone Panels US
Faux Rock Panels US
Faux Brick Panels US
River Rock Panels US

Interior Faux Stone Panels US

Faux Stone Pillar Panel Kits US
Faux Stone Column Wraps US

Canadian Faux Stone PanelsGenStone: Canada

Stacked Stone, Random Rock and Brick

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