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urestone vs GenStone vs Versetta Stone
The Difference is in the Details



Material Composition
Urestone is a dual layer composite system made of a plastic layer.
Proprietary blend of materials sourced in the USA resulting in a durable woodlike panel
Installation Process
Screws are used to mount each panel to the wall going in-between divots in the stone.
Install all GenStone panels inside or outside with fasteners along the shiplap and adhesive on the back of each piece
Urestone has stone and brick look-a-like panels. They also have columns, trim, and wainscot.
The GenStone Made Easy System contains panels, inside and outside corners, trim, ledgers, wall caps and finished edge pieces
Urestone orders come with a 10 year warranty
GenStone orders come with a 25 year warranty
Cost per SQFT
Urestone will cost an average of $8 per SQFT
GenStone is $13 to $18 per SQFT before any project promotions which can save as much as 50% over the cost of real stone
Urestone has a contact webpage where you will have to fill out personal info to receive a call from a support member.
GenStone Project Coordinators are available at no additional cost to assist with color selection, estimates and questions during installation


As experimenters in the composite and coating industry, Urestone is a stone veneer company. Their product line includes stucco clad panels, custom cornices, pilasters, custom trim options, and Urestone panels of course.


Established in 2003, GenStone manufacturers a full collection of stone and brick colors including easy to install panels, corners, ledgers, trim, pillars and columns. The majority of the materials used to formulate GenStone panels are sourced in the United States which are then cast and hand painted by artisans in Mexico.

Top 10 Reasons GenStone is the Best NextStone Alternative

Project Coordinators

From color selection to takeoffs and installation support, our team is available to you on demand, before and after the sale.
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With an overall sentiment near 5 stars collected by an independent 3rd party, our customers are our best advertisement.
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Cast from real stone to ensure realistic shapes and depth, our panels feature a hand painted finish to avoid a manufactured look.
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Life tested and lab approved, we've pushed our panels to the limit and back it up with our 25 year warranty.
Durability Testing


From accent walls to fireplaces, patios, outdoor kitchens and full home transformations, any project is possible with GenStone.
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Customer Service

Our support doesn't end with your Project Coordinator, our Customer Service team solves any shipping or related issue.
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Our unique 90º inside and outside corners make difficult installations with alternative products quick and easy with GenStone.
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At no cost to you, our design team will create stunning visuals to show you what GenStone would look like on your home.
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We've lowered our margins and invested heavily in our inventory, GenStone is ready to ship to your home in 3-5 days.

Quality Control

The majority of the raw materials used to create GenStone panels are sourced in the USA from industry leading suppliers.