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GenStone Faux Stone vs NextStone Faux Stone


In business since 1997, NextStone was one of the first faux stone companies. NextStone manufacturers polyurethane panels and accessories in China with fire retardants and UV inhibitors. NextStone is available in 6 stone styles in as well as brick and can be installed with screws, eliminating the need for masonry skills or tools.


Established in 2003, GenStone manufacturers a full collection of stone and brick colors including easy to install panels, corners, ledgers, trim, pillars and columns. The majority of the materials used to formulate GenStone panels are sourced in the United States which are then cast and hand painted by artisans in Mexico.

Why Chinese Material is Problematic

Cooling Can Compromise Your Panels

The raw materials used to make faux panels is produced at a very high temperature and must be allowed to cool before packaging. Chinese raw material producers put the hot material in shipping containers and let it cool during the trip across the ocean, which is problematic because the material is not allowed to breathe and cure.

Faux stone companies who source their raw materials from China are able to offer a lower cost panel, but at what cost to you?

GenStone sources all of its raw materials from suppliers in the USA where tight quality control procedures including a 7 day cooling and curing period are in place.

Why Chinese Faux Stone is Problematic

Top 10 Reasons GenStone is the Best NextStone Alternative

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From color selection to takeoffs and installation support, our team is available to you on demand, before and after the sale.
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Cast from real stone to ensure realistic shapes and depth, our panels feature a hand painted finish to avoid a manufactured look.
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Life tested and lab approved, we've pushed our panels to the limit and back it up with our 25 year warranty.
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From accent walls to fireplaces, patios, outdoor kitchens and full home transformations, any project is possible with GenStone.
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Our unique 90º inside and outside corners make difficult installations with alternative products quick and easy with GenStone.
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We've lowered our margins and invested heavily in our inventory, GenStone is ready to ship to your home in 3-5 days.

Quality Control

The majority of the raw materials used to create GenStone panels are sourced in the USA from industry leading suppliers.