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Hi, my name is Amanda and I am from Rapid City, South Dakota! My hobbies are going for runs and watching reality TV. I would describe myself as loud and happy, my coworkers said that I am kind, joyful, and a leader. My number one favorite GenStone project is from Gary Bloch’s Northern Slate wall. My favorite GenStone color is either Iron Ore or Kenai, I can’t pick.
Amanda was great and willing to listen to my needs. The results turned out perfect for the project. The curb appeal is exactly what we wanted when reviewing exterior veneer options but so much easier than solid stone.


A DIY garage siding project using our Northern Slate Stone Veneer.
Peter’s DIY Stone Veneer Garage Siding
Want to give your garage some character? Check out this DIY garage siding with our stone veneer for inspiration!
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Bob’s Entryway Accent Wall
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Ed’s Faux Stone DIY Garage Remodel
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James’ Stone Veneer DIY Deck Skirting
If you are looking for a DIY idea for your deck skirting, installing our stone veneer panels is a great way to modernize your deck.
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Stone Veneer Chimney Remodel
]Stratford Stone Veneer was used for a DIY home chimney remodel. Check out the before and after photos of this chimney transformation!
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Kris’ Faux Stone Patio Grill
GenStone's faux stone is excellent for a DIY project refacing your patio grill and BBQ station. Take a look at how to upgrade your BBQ!
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Jimmy’s DIY Brick Kitchen Wall
Our Brick Veneer is a great option for homeowners who want to add a little flair to their kitchen wall with a simple DIY project. Take a look at the before and after photos for this project!
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Brian C.
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