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Tom's Wainscot in Alaska

“This is my video of my house in Alaska with the GenStone Kenai product on the side and I thought I would give you a quick video tour. We’ve had it on about a year now and I thought I’d walk you around and show it to you. Lots of angles, nooks and cranny’s, but GenStone product was really easy to put on, easy to work with but high quality. I hired a handy man to help me and together we did the job in about a week to 10 days. If you buy the corner pieces from GenStone it makes it so much easier to install. It has really weathered well, we had it on one complete winter so far so almost a year. We started a little bit above the bottom of the window and used the ledger stone around the windows which I think added a nice touch and then we wrapped it around this side here all the way to the fence. It dramatically changed the look of our house and lots of compliments from our neighbors and I think it really upped the value of our house, it gets a lot more attention than it used to. So that’s my home, that’s my improvement with the GenStone product and I couldn’t recommend it more strongly and I couldn’t be happier that I put it on.”