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Quick and easy installation

“My wife and I installed this a couple of months ago to add a little “bling” to the front of a cabin that we just had built that was skinned with pole barn metal siding. We discussed what we planned to do with the builder and agreed on how to transition at the top and ends from metal to the stone veneer. Our project only needed 6 panels and 5 ledger sections for the single row of 2′ tall panels. The end sections were easy to cut using a circular saw or table saw. We made angled cuts at the ends to transition to the corner trim. We used a utility knife to trim the ends by the sliding glass door so they fit into the J trim. We used a file to taper off the cut edges to look more realistic. The screws attaching the panels are easily hidden in grout lines below a simulated rock. We caulked over the screws and used Genstone’s touch up kit to blend in the caulked and cut areas. We are happy with the outcome. There was no masonry work involved. This product provided the best appearance for the least amount of work of the products we looked at in my opinion. Contacted Genstone with questions regarding touch up paint and color matched caulk. They were very helpful. I actually give it 4.5 stars versus 4. It doesn’t “feel” like real stone if you touch it but you have to be prepared to do masonry work for something that does along with the added weight and work.”