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GenStone Home Improvement Ideas

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Rustic Barnhouse
Consisting of 40% Barnwood Ash, 40% Saloon and 20% Aspen Grove faux wood wall panels, the Rustic Barnhouse custom combination offers a moody base with light overtones throughout.
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The Bradford
The Bradford is an even combination of Saloon, Aspen Grove, Ember and Barnwood Ash panels offering a range of browns and gradient grays. 
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Brown Town
Our Brown Town combo arranges 20% Saloon, 40% Bourbon Barrel and 40% Aspen Grove for a mostly light and dark brown wall with gray undertones. 
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Chaos is our most random color combination with 11% Ember, 11% Bourbon Barrel and 26% of our Saloon, Barnwood Ash and Aspen Grove.
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Rainy Day
If you're after a subtle moody look, our Rainy Day faux wood panels arrangement is a great choice. Combining 45% of both Ember and Barnwood Ash with a 10% Aspen Grove highlight, this blend is sure to add depth to any room or wall. 
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Stormy Night
Creating a cozy overcast theme, this 50/50 mix of Ember and Barnwood Ash faux wood wall panels is mostly gray with hints of brown undertones. 
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Whiskey River
Whiskey River is an old western combination of 35% Bourbon Barrel and 65% Saloon faux wood wall panels creating a balance of warm browns with subtle gray accents throughout the wall. 
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