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GenStone Home Improvement Ideas

Shop by Improvement Project and Find the Perfect Panel Style

Leslie’s DIY Faux Stone Mailbox
The mailbox is often ignored, but a simple DIY upgrade with faux stone can up curb appeal. Take a look at the before and after photos!
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James’ Brick Veneer Basement Bar and Fireplace
If you're designing a new bar in your basement, using our brick veneer for the project, including the fireplace, will give it a rustic feel.
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Armondo’s DIY Stone Veneer Home Siding
If you're looking for a DIY project, our stone veneer is perfect. Check out this unique stone veneer DIY home siding & flat fireplace!
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Stuart’s Faux Stone Sign Columns
If you need new columns to hold a sign, our faux stone pillar panels provide the look of natural stone without the cost and construction.
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John’s Minimalist Faux Stone Pillar
You don't need to do a big project with GenStone, subtle additions can make an impact. Check out this minimalist faux stone pillar project!
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Donald’s Faux Stone Commercial Sign
Our faux stone Pillar panels were used to redesign this commercial sign. Check out the before and after photos for this new sign project!
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Holly’s Faux Stone Home Exterior Pillars
Our faux stone pillars are the perfect home exterior solution. These look so great that even your contractor will be impressed!
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Bill’s Stone Veneer Patio Pillars
Bring your patio to life by using stone veneer on the pillars, skirting, and stair risers. Check out the before & after of this DIY project!
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Grace Presbyterian’s DIY Faux Stone Church Sign
You can use faux stone for any project idea. This church needed to update its sign and used our faux stone pillars for the DIY project.
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James’ Stone Veneer Mailbox Pillar
Give your mailbox a makeover using our stone veneer pillar panels, like James did. Take a look at this easy and beautiful DIY project!
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Kennie’s DIY Home Entrance Idea
Transform your home entrance with faux stone like Kennie did in this DIY project idea. You can upgrade your entry in a few hours like this!
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Keystone Stacked Stone DIY Wainscoting Pillars
Bob’s DIY Wainscoting Pillars & Flowerpots
Bob used our faux stone pillar panels for a beautiful DIY pillars wainscoting project and used his leftovers for flowerpots. Take a look!
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