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Wood Stove

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Jim’s DIY Faux Stone Wood Stove
If you have a wood stove that you would like to upgrade in a DIY project, try faux stone. It looks and feels like real stone. Take a look!
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Heath’s Faux Stone Wood Stove Surround
The wood stove is a classic, and using faux stone for the surround gives it an authentic look. Check out the before and after photos!
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Gary’s Wood Stove Accent Wall
Bring your wood stove to life with a DIY faux stone accent wall like Gary did. Take a look at the before and after of this project!
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Sheridan’s DIY Wood Stove Surround
Want to make your wood stove stand out? Check out this DIY wood stove surround using our Desert Sunrise Stacked Stone!
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Mike’s Stacked Stone Wood Stove
If you have a wood stove, GenStone's Stacked Stone is the perfect choice for to bring some extra depth and texture to it.
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