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Scott’s Faux Stone Pool Fountain
In a unique DIY project, this customer used our faux stone to cover their pool fountain, adding a beautiful new water feature to the patio!
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Michael’s Stone Veneer Pool Fountain
Looking to upgrade your pool fountain? Check out the before and after photos of this beautiful stone veneer pool fountain!
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Arthur’s Faux Stone Hot Tub Wainscoting
If you need to upgrade the privacy surround for your hot tub, adding faux stone wainscoting can give it depth and texture. Take a look at this project.
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Esta’s Faux Stone DIY Pool Fountain
If you want to upgrade the look of your pool fountain, you can easily do it as a DIY project using faux stone, like this customer did!
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Justin’s Faux Stone Above Ground Pool
This DIY above ground pool project shows the versatility of our faux stone. Take a look at the before and after photos of this project!
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