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David’s Siding Transformation Before and After
If you're looking for a complete siding transformation, GenStone is perfect for DIY. Check out the before and after photos of this project!
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Gus’ Faux Stone Patio Siding
Looking to upgrade your patio siding? Faux stone is perfect! Check out this before and after of this faux stone patio siding project!
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Ryan’s Patio Wainscoting Project
Looking to update your backyard patio? This DIY wainscoting project added depth to this customer's patio in a single weekend!
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Rob’s Siding and Patio Pillars
Rob used our Desert Sunrise for a large home siding and patio pillars project, upgrading his home exterior and curb appeal. Take a look!
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Troy’s DIY Patio Siding
Looking to upgrade your patio? Check out the before and after photos of this DIY patio siding project using our faux stone!
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Josh’s Faux Stone DIY Patio Grill
Looking to upgrade your BBQ? Faux stone can add depth and texture to your patio grill and you can DIY the whole thing, like this customer did.
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James’ Stone Veneer DIY Deck Skirting
If you are looking for a DIY idea for your deck skirting, installing our stone veneer panels is a great way to modernize your deck.
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Denis’ DIY Outdoor Fireplace
Make your patio more cozy with a DIY outdoor fireplace! A patio fireplace is a great project to upgrade your home's curb appeal!
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Keystone Patio Wainscot and Posts Project
Keystone Stacked Stone panels and pillar panels accent this porch, Even a small project can make a big impact on your home's curb appeal.
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Joseph’s Easy Faux Stone Outdoor Kitchen
If you have an outdoor kitchen, it is easy to make it look great by installing GenStone's faux stone. Take a look at this project for inspiration!
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David’s Deck Skirting
GenStone can help you with your DIY stone deck skirting project. David was able to install under-deck skirting himself. Check out more pics of his project!
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Chris’s Stone Veneer Patio Bar
Looking to install a new outdoor bar? Take a look at this beautiful patio bar that used our Stratford stone veneer panels and pillars!
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Richard’s Koi Pond Design
Learn how to build a DIY koi pond using Richard's koi pond design & ideas! Using GenStone's stacked stone veneers, he created unique decorative landscaping.
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Stone Veneer Retaining Wall Project
Want to add some depth and character to your patio? Check out this beautiful stone veneer retaining wall project for inspiration!
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Bill’s Faux Stone Patio Siding Accent Wall
If you want to update your patio siding, try a faux stone accent wall. You can transform your patio in a matter of hours with GenStone!
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